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Discussion > WoWMar 11, 2021 8:00 am CT

What quality-of-life improvement should Blizzard implement in World of Warcraft?

Ah, quality of life. I was at BlizzCon 2015 when the wardrobe was announced. The crowd was silent for a couple of seconds while we took in what we’d just heard. Then, we exploded in cheers. I think some people actually stood. It’s hard now to contemplate how those of us who love transmog had to carry gear around and how overstuffed our banks and Void Storages were.

These things take developer time to implement and we know, from the bit with our backpack, that it’s not as easy as simply adding a row to a current item. Everything connects to everything else. The joke has always been, “If they fix this, what will it break down the line?”

Still, there is no denying we could use some quality of life improvements. As Blizzard looks to player agency and allowing us to do things with our character we never could before, I thought about things I’d like to see. I’m not getting into “fix guilds” because I’ve belabored that point and I don’t think anyone’s listening. I also hold no illusions about seeing any of this implemented. I merely present these ideas to get you thinking about what you’d add.

  1. I want to be able to sort my transmog by color. I know the appearance to 600 of the 1088 available cloaks in the game. That translates to 34 pages of cloaks. When my guild has a transmog contest, I spend the most time looking for a cloak. Let me sort by color, please.
  2. May I have a button on my mount tab where I activate a random ground mount? I don’t use flying mounts on the ground. I’d like to be able to sort mounts into air or ground and have a button to summon a random one.
  3. Could we have another tab to guild and personal banks? The last time a new tab was added to the guild bank was in Cataclysm. I know this because I made the Dwarf Mage and leveled her to 85 so my guild could get that tab. There’s so much in the game worth saving. If you’re a role player, the sheer amount of Soulbound items with amazing flavor texts have to be thrilling yet, where do you put everything?
  4. And speaking of banks, can I have remote access to my personal bank? Remote access to the guild bank is fantastic outside of a raid but so many times I want to stick all these herbs in my personal bank and I have to stop what I’m doing and go back to Oribos.
  5. Finally, it’s time Blizzard, to let us send gear cross faction to our other toons. I’m not even going to elaborate on this point.

These are five things I’d love to see which would improve the quality of my playing life. What would you like to see?

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