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Discussion > WoWMay 11, 2021 8:00 am CT

How often do you run Mythic+ dungeons?

Honestly, the Mythic+ revolution that we saw start in Legion has by and large passed me by. I run them occasionally, especially if friends need a tank and I’m feeling like reminding myself that I’ve gotten worse at it since I started to go blind, or if someone really needs DPS — but I don’t have a dedicated group and I’m not really down to try and PUG the content. And I don’t think I’ll do them more once we get into patch 9.1 and Dungeon Score is here, making it even easier for groups to refuse to bring you to a +10 unless you’ve cleared +15 already.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion of Mythic+, from people telling me how it’s saved the game for them and given them and their friends a way to get good gear and keep playing when they can’t raid to those that argue that Mythic+ has essentially become a kind of nightmare for them, with groups who grimly force their way through the content chain pulling without stopping, saying nothing. I’ve had both experiences — I’ve had Mythic+ runs which were friendly and fun, where we kind of just went for it and tried our best, and ones where I literally wanted to rip my hair out, which would be hard for me because I shave my head nowadays.

So what has your experience with Mythic+ been like? Do you think there are any improvements that can be made to the experience, and if so, what would they be? I’d like it if they took a page from the Horrific Visions difficulty level — instead of just having higher and higher keystones, maybe a system where you could more increase the difficulty in a more granular way? Or less random affixes? Not a big fan of the random affixes, some of them make a dungeon feel like it personally hates me. How often do you run Mythic+ dungeon content?

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