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WoWJun 28, 2021 2:00 pm CT

Should the Venthyr have all the fun? These are the major Azerothian holidays that the other Covenants should celebrate!


There is a great imbalance in the Shadowlands — a single Covenant monopolizes this entire system, leaving nothing for the other three. Their members, the Venthyr, cackle with glee, amidst feasts tempered by glory and revelry, sipping Anima and ruling from their thrones of lies, while the other three Covenants weep, wondering how nice it would be to have that same luck for themselves. But alas, when the poor Night Fae, and the lonely Necrolord, and the indigent Kyrian turn back and look at their own realms, they find nothing but desolation.

I’m talking, of course, about the concept of celebrating Azerothian holidays.

But why should those denizens of the Shadowlands — to whom the mortal universe is just an insignificant flicker lost among the tides of time — even bother with the silly festivities of the living? Don’t they have better things to do, more dire concerns to worry about, such as the many imminent, cosmic menaces that threaten the very existence of their realms?

Nay, I say. If the Venthyr can party, everyone should party. What is the point in the afterlife if you force your poor Stewards to labor endlessly, with no respite in sight? No; the Covenants need those holidays. We entered their realms, and it’s only natural that we’d bring our events with us — and the more that can be done to make the Shadowlands feel more connected to the Azeroth we love and care about, the better.

So the only question that remains is: which holidays should each other Covenant celebrate?

Night Fae: Noblegarden

Eggs. Eggs everywhere. Tricksters hiding them, and tricking you into chasing them, but making you fall into a magical lake that turns you into a frog, and then you have to hop away from a huge snake, because that’s just the type of fun they like to have.

And then, of course, there would be a play, telling everyone about how the Great Bunny in the Sky laid eggs, and one of those eggs was Azeroth, and when Sargeras came, he shattered the chocolate crust that enveloped the planet, and there were 10,000 years of chocolate rain, and that’s why people eat that particular food during the event. To remember the great sacrifices that were made. Or something.

Ardenweald seems like it would fit very well with Noblegarden. We could have dailies that included all kinds of chicanery, making us chase rabbits and hares all over the zone, finding eggs and getting tricked, and in the end, getting some sweet Noblegarden-themed mounts. It definitely seems to fit much of the spirit of the zone.

Necrolords: Day of the Dead

A much bigger version of it, actually. In the real world, some cultures make a far greater event out of Day of the Dead than others, and that could be nicely reflected in World of Warcraft, with the Necrolords being really gung-ho about it — more than anyone else.

We could remember great figures from Azeroth’s past, and perhaps the past of other worlds like Draenor or Argus too. It would be joyous, full of offerings, and those spirits would be grateful and grant us their boons. But after paying our homages, giving our gifts, and feasting and singing and dancing in general, the event would culminate in its biggest highlight: the Arena, where we would battle those departed figures themselves!

Imagine a set of elite dailies in the Theater of Pain where you and other players team up to fight against legendary figures like Alexandros Mograine, or Jarod Shadowsong, or a tag team battle against the duo of Orgrim Doomhammer and Grommash Hellscream! This could also be an opportunity for Blizzard to bring back elements from past raid fights. Maybe notable leaders like the Thunder King or Emperor Thaurissan would enjoy being celebrated in this way, and could make cameos as fights during this event!

Kyrian: Feast of Winter Veil

Stewards with hats. That’s my excuse for this one.

But beyond that adorable image, the general aesthetic of Bastion just seems to go pretty well with the Feast of Winter Veil. This holiday is all about renewal and rebirth, and those are concepts that the Kyrian certainly hold dear. Covering your old life in a blanket of white snow, and accepting this new reality? I can definitely see them taking that thematic and deciding to embrace a celebration of it.

This would be a great opportunity for Blizzard to finally add a seasonal boss to Winter Veil that we can queue for! (Seriously; ain’t nobody got time to travel all the way to Alterac to fight the Greench.) This could be an enormous Sentinel that seeks to purge the impurities out of our sorry souls, or something. And beyond defeating this boss, doing the seasonal dailies would also allow us to earn rewards. Perhaps a beautiful mechanical, Kyrian-themed reindeer!

All in all, what we’re saying is: the Venthyr can’t keep having all the fun for themselves. The Shadowlands are a bleak place in general, and could definitely use some more revelry. Making these disparate lands feel more similar to our Azeroth during certain periods of the year would be a very fun way to inject some new life into the game, as well as give us an opportunity to see the more humane side of those characters we cherish and love.

(Instead, of, you know, having the Venthyr become faster friends with Choofa than a Night Fae is capable of ever hoping to.)

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