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Discussion > WoWJul 5, 2021 8:00 am CT

What would the World of Warcraft beach episode be like?

“DRINK, INSECT!,” yells Tikilord Ragnaros, as he puts the finishing touches on your drink and hands it to you.

Hearthstone is soon going to get a full set of skins for some of their Battlegrounds heroes, with a “Beach Party” theme. We’ve got Tikilord Ragnaros as the master of ceremony, but we can also see the mighty Milhouse Manastorm playing volleyfireball, the Lich King grilling burgers, and even Maiev in a one-piece bathing suit (but the Warden helm stays on). Sure, Hearthstone is a fun, light-hearted and whimsical take at the Warcraft universe. But even some of the more serious shows, or games, can sometimes have the main cast take a break, and enjoy themselves at the fabled Beach Episode.

Which got me thinking. Lately, we’ve seen the World of Warcraft playerbase saying that it would be nice to take a break from having our heroes have to be at war with large threat after magnanimous threat, in what seems to be an endless string of villains that keep getting more and more powerful — soon threatening to reach cosmic levels of power, far surpassing anything we’ve seen so far. Even Sargeras and the Titans and the Naaru are small fries now!

…isn’t that a bit too much?

What if the World of Warcraft collectively decided that it’s time for a break? What if our heroes and powerful lore figures decided to simply enjoy a relaxing vacation at the beach? If that were to happen — how would it be? What would you like to see?

Should it be a short story? Maybe a small series of short videos, much like the pre-expansion ones we’ve grown used to seeing — except this time, you’d see Jaina and Kalecgos having a humorous argument because of course Kalec forgot to bring sunscreen. Or it could be just an in-game questline — there already are plenty of suitable in-game locations for that. Maybe now that Gallywix is MIA, our heroes could simply occupy his “pleasure palace” and make a grand event out of it!

Perhaps, it could even be a full expansion! World of Warcraft: Midsummer Beach Volleyball Xtreme would surely appeal to someone, right? Right?!

Anyway, having our heroes take a break from all the dread and doom would surely be nice to see. It doesn’t even have to be at the beach: they could simply enjoy whatever leisure activities Azerothians have, from hunting, to tavern games, to camping at the mountains, or sledding with penguins. What would they do? Who would take part in the fun? What would you like to see, and how would it go?

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