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What would you like to see from the fabled Dance Studio, were it to be added to WoW?

There are times when the developers of a video game don’t end up delivering on features that they meant to implement, for a range of reasons. One of the biggest examples of that, when it comes to World of Warcraft, is probably the Dance Studio. Originally planned to be released in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, it promised to deliver a way for your characters to change their dance moves, as performed by the /dance command.

Sadly, this feature never saw the light of day. But despite how much of a seemingly “minor” feature the Dance Studio would have been — entirely cosmetic, existing only to be displayed during a single emote — fans never really forgot about that “broken promise” — if you can even call it that. The circumstances for why a feature may end up being cancelled are many, and we’re not here to discuss that. Regardless, even Blizzard themselves have joked about the Dance Studio, the feature that never was, a few times. When they added their Micro-Holidays to the game, they even made sure to add an Auction House Dance Party — but I don’t think it was to spite the community, or anything like that.

Still, let’s imagine for a moment that Blizzard has unearthed that idea, and decided that the next WoW expansion will finally feature a Dance Studio. What would you like to see from it? Would you even use it, or care for it? Personally, I think it’s almost disgraceful that the Human Female still dances the Macarena. I kinda refuse to /dance on my Human Priest because of that. If I had the possibility of changing that dance into… almost anything else, really, I would.

Maybe it would be cool to see races be able to perform the dances from other races. Say, giving the Blood Elf Male’s Napoleon Dynamite dance to your female Draenei? Or would you rather see brand-new dances for everyone? Final Fantasy XIV has several different dances that are usable by every race, and even adds a few more every now and then. Should WoW do the same?

Which dances would you like to see? Do you think they should continue to pull fun/iconic dances from pop culture, from famous music videos, from movies? Would you like to see WoW dances that are inspired by real-life dances — perhaps different rhythms, that RP-oriented players could use when they’re having a grand social event, or something like that? (Take a look at our elegant Venthyr above!) Let us know.

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