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Discussion > WoWAug 6, 2021 8:00 am CT

How comfortable are you switching mains or roles when playing an MMO?

I know some people who play WoW or other MMOs with the idea that they should be all about the group — they pick their main based on what the group needs, they switch mains to suit the group’s objectives, it’s more important to them to play the role that they see needs playing. They can heal, tank, or DPS on a variety of characters.

Other people basically play the absolutely same class — perhaps even the same character — and never really vary from it. I’m one of those players — I’ve been playing a Warrior since World of Warcraft started, and the one time I switched mains, it was to a Death Knight (which basically meant I could fill the exact same roles as a Warrior, tanking or DPS) and then I switched back within two months. I am not comfortable outside of my little bubble.

I do have alts — a Hunter, a Shaman, a couple of Paladins, the aforementioned DK — but my primary alts are all Warriors, and I main a Warrior, and I really only like playing a Warrior. I can tank or DPS — that’s not an issue for me — but I really don’t like swapping away from the Warriors if I don’t have to and I’ve never really wanted to do it.

So, it comes time to ask the question — what about you all? Do you enjoy just staying in your lane and tanking, or healing, or DPSing? Are you comfortable in multiple roles but like to stay in the same class or on the same character? Are you willing to play a lot of different classes but constantly seek out the healing gig, or the tanking job, because that’s where you’re most at home? Or will you play literally anything to fill the gaps for your group and are fully conversant with a wide variety of classes and roles?

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