What makes a tank in Heroes of the Storm? The topic of what makes a tank in Heroes of the Storm tends to come up often. Having a tank is an essential part of a team composition, and while Heroes of the Storm boasts many Warrior heroes, they don’t all qualify as a tank.

The Warrior’s Charge: Warrior performance in the Emerald Nightmare raid Okay, now I’ve raided Emerald Nightmare and killed enough bosses (plus seen bosses I haven’t killed yet) as both a tank and as DPS. So this column will be discussing my experiences therein.

The Queue: Purple is the color of my energy Because I took the time to get a second Warrior to 110, my first Warrior to 110 is a big behind on the gearing curve. But she looks awesome.

Breakfast Topic: Is new always better? Sometimes it feels like the new class gets the best version of a spell or ability or talent. While playing a Demon Hunter, I’ve really had strong flashbacks to when Death Knights were introduced back in Wrath.

Heroes and Tips for Overwatch beginners With the impending release of Overwatch, new players might be overwhelmed at the multitude of heroes available off the bat. The tutorial starts you off with Soldier: 76 to get you acclimated with the UI and other aspects of the game.

Breakfast Topic: How often do you switch roles? When it comes to most Blizzard games, I’m fairly comfortable finding a role that works well for me and sticking with it. In WoW, my Priest is my main and my experiences outside of that are limited; in Heroes of the Storm, I lean very heavily toward warriors and it takes me much longer to...

Steve, the Black Ox Statue
Breakfast topic: Your role in World of Warcraft Setting classes aside, there are four roles World of Warcraft: tank, healer, melee DPS, and ranged DPS. As a raider, I have been in all of these roles at one point or another, and I have found that it’s important to at least try out another role — after all, the worst that can happen is...

Brain monkey get up, get coffee. Brain monkey go to job.
Overwatch preview shows Winston just monkeying around Overwatch's Winston is not actually a monkey: he's an ape. And now we get to see just how he performs in actual Overwatch combat.

Tank representation in the Proving Grounds News broke recently of a brewmaster monk player named Big reaching a record 198 waves in the tank version of the Proving Grounds. You can see the video here, and the level of concentration and skill involved blows me away.