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WoWSep 17, 2021 10:00 am CT

Patch 9.1.5 will bring new customizations for Allied Races

Fans of character customization, rejoice! It definitely sounds like the World of Warcraft team took to heart the negative feedback concerning their stated plans to add no more character customizations during Shadowlands. As it turns out, there will, in fact, be a whole lot of new character customizations coming, in patch 9.1.5.

Initially we hadn’t even heard any confirmation that there was going to be a patch 9.1.5 either, other than some PTR-related speculation. But this blue post shares the exciting news:

Originally Posted by Linxy (Official Post)

The upcoming 9.1.5 update will introduce new character customization options for two Allied Races that didn’t get as much attention as the rest, the Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei. You can look forward to new hair styles, hair colors, facial hair, skin colors, accessories, horns, tail length, tattoos, and more!

After hearing how excited all of you were around the new customization options, we saw that many of your comments were requesting more natural hair colors for Void Elves. We relayed this feedback to the team and they were able to add 5 natural hair color options for Void Elves to the 9.1.5 update.

Let’s talk about everything we know is coming for each race thus far. Keep in mind that patch 9.1.5 is still on the PTR, so this list is not final, and subject to change!

Void Elves

Void Elves are getting the ability to change their ear length — just like Blood Elves already had. They’re also getting several new hair colors, which are more “natural” — again, similar to the colors Blood Elves can already pick from, with a gamut of shades between red and blonde and chestnut, as well as white and black.

In addition to that, Void Elves are seemingly getting something that is always super fun to talk about: a tentacle toggle! It looks like they’ll be able to choose to remove the tentacles from their hairstyles, making it less apparent that they’re void-touched.

With the regular hair colors and the ability to remove tentacles from their hair, in addition to the more natural skin colors they had already gotten on patch 9.0, Void Elf players will finally be able to make their characters look 100% like High Elves, no questions asked! This is tremendously exciting news.


Nightborne characters have long suffered with a lack of customization options — perhaps more than any other race in the game. Some of their assets are incredibly basic, and some players consider the playable Nightborne models to be even less developed than those of Nightborne NPCs such as the ones we saw in Suramar. I wouldn’t go that far, but I definitely agree that they badly needed more.

They’re getting several new hair colors, hair styles, and the ability to add decorations to their hair — in the current game, a few of their hair styles already have built-in jewelry, so it remains to be seen if those styles will be able to get their decorations removed as well.

Another feature that was already present for Nightborne players but not really adjustable were their jaw and face jewelry pieces. Well, no more: you’ll now be able to freely customize those two types of assets now! Besides picking which jewelry you want to use, you’ll get to set its color as well — giving them a gold, silver, or metallic look to fit your preferences.

Tattoos are also getting greatly improved. You’ll be able to pick from several new types of face and body tattoos. And to give your character even more expression, you’ll now be able to pick from different eye shapes, as well as eyebrows.

Male Nightborne are also getting new types of mustaches and chin decorations. Female Nightborne, on the other hand, are getting necklaces.

Lightforged Draenei

First of all, the tail length and tail decoration options that “regular” Draenei already enjoy are coming to their Lightforged brethren. But that is far from everything!

Both genders are getting several new hair styles, and hair colors, with the females also getting hair decorations, while the males get new types of facial hair.

Their usual jewelry choices are also getting new colors, and they have new crests as well.

But it’s the female Lightforged who are getting the most love: They’ll be able to pick from new horns, add decorations to those horns, and to their jaws. And they’re getting necklaces and earrings too!

Highmountain Tauren

Our moosemen and moosegirls are getting a plethora of new options. Both genders get new color for their bodies, as well as new styles and colors for their hair and horns. New decorations for their horns, from headdresses to accessories like feathers, are aplenty.

You’ll be able to pick new types of tails, and add accessories to them. You’ll also be able to customize your “sideburns” independently from your hair, and pick from new types of piercings or nose rings.

Male Highmountain get new types of facial hair as well, while the Female Highmountain get to add other types of accessories and decorations to their hair.

And that might not be all! Since the PTR is still in flux, we’ll keep you updated as new customization features for these allied races get added.

Originally posted 08/23/2021. Updated 09/08/2021.

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