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Put hats on your Dragonriding mounts with Niffen Renown in Dragonflight patch 10.1

For connoisseurs of drake customization, there have been a lot of options for customizing the appearance of your four Dragonriding mounts so far in Dragonflight, and I do mean a lot: on top of making your mounts scalier or hairier, multitudes of colors, saddled or bareback, and with horns of every variety of swoop and turn imaginable, sometimes you can even just turn them into raid bosses (although without their stylish Christmas decorations).

The Queue: RSTUV

I honestly didn’t even realize Mitch had named yesterday’s Queue the way he did, I was just going with an in-joke for my wife. When I tell her I have to write the Queue for tomorrow she almost always goes and, forcing me to say and the R because it makes her smile and I simply cannot refuse to make her smile, ever.

Anyway, this is the Queue. I’m loving the new customization options so, so much. I am going to run around punching everything.

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