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WoWMar 24, 2022 10:00 am CT

Blizzard increases drop rate of Soul Ash, Soul Cinders, Progenium Essentia, and more, making Legendary crafting easier

It hasn’t been easy to craft Legendaries in WoW — but it just got a lot easier. Up until now, Legendaries have required a significant investment either in time to gather materials or in gold to purchase the materials from the Auction House. Along with Soulbinds and Covenant powers, Legendaries are one of the main avenues towards personal power progression in Shadowlands, and that’s only become more true in patch 9.2 with the Covenant-specific Legendary items allowing you to equip two at once.

That’s why the recent hotfix to drop rates for a variety of crafting materials is so significant. For one, the drop rates of Progenium Essentia and Heavy Callous Hides were buffed slightly, while the drop amounts of Lightless Silk, pretty much every Shadowlands Ore except for Progenium Ore, and Callous Hide were also buffed a little.

More significantly, however, the drop amounts for Soul Ash and Soul Cinder that you can get in completing Torghast have been significantly increased. How significantly? Well, according to Wowhead, we’re looking at triple the pre-hotfix levels of both Soul Ash and Soul Cinder drops.

All in all, we’re looking at a lot of changes that seem tailored towards making it easier to craft Legendaries, either to allow your main to have multiples for different builds/specs, or to get your alt properly geared up with Legendaries after using the various catch ups in patch 9.2. With all the ranks you’ll need to get the Legendaries up to their maximum potential, that’s a lot of farming and/or gold you’re going to have to expend to complete these items. It’s overall a good move in terms of letting players feel like they can make meaningful progress on these items. I especially applaud the Soul Ash and Soul Cinder changes — the primary means of farming those resources is Torghast, so making Torghast feel rewarding reduces the need to farm it over and over again to get the materials you need for your Legendaries.

Good luck to everyone who has been working to get to Rank 7 on two Legendaries, or crafting them for their alts — it should be noticeably less painful now.

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