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Discussion > WoWAug 22, 2022 8:00 am CT

How do you feel about cosmic storylines in World of Warcraft?

I’m generally pretty down for storylines in my games that swing the focus as wide and cinematic as it can get. Legion, for example, was a story I really enjoyed — the invasion of Azeroth by a vast, world-spanning host of demons which led to a showdown on a planet seething with fel corruption between a Pantheon of beings on the scale of gods and their fallen former champion, who sought to potentially destroy our whole world.

It was big, it was epic, and it was pretty amazing all told. But it was also somewhat hard to follow, and between Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands bringing in N’Zoth and their attempt to transform Azeroth back into the Black Empire and now the literal Pantheon of Death and their rebellious former leader trying to remake all of reality, I feel like I’m not alone in feeling like Dragonflight might be a needed break from the “fate of existence” storytelling we’ve been reeling from for the past few expansions.

Again, I like cosmic stakes and big, epic moments. I also like peanut butter cookies, but I do recognize that I can’t subsist on nothing but sweet, delicious peanut butter cookies for every meal. Sometimes in-game, I am actually happy to go collect a bunch of nuts from the woods even knowing there’s probably going to be a quest about squirrel poop at the end. Sometimes I’d like to actually help a Kobold hang on to his candle.

I’m sure we’ll get to some big fate of Azeroth is at stake storytelling in Dragonflight, but honestly, I’m really looking forward to quests where I have to officiate at a Centaur wedding, or save a Tuskarr kid from a cave full of bug monsters, or even just kill some Zhevra for the hooves they apparently don’t have. What about you? Are you always down to save existence itself from unfathomable horrors, or do you prefer something a little more calm and small scale?

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