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Discussion > Transmog > WoWMar 16, 2023 8:00 am CT

What’s the ugliest set of transmog armor in World of Warcraft?

While transmog enthusiasts in World of Warcraft really enjoy putting together stylish ensembles — from mariachi outfits to the latest sets of tier armor, white and grey quality “ordinary” looks to flashy new looks Blizzard prepared especially for the Trading Post — there’s no denying that even when you’re mixing and matching, there are some sets of gear out there that are just… ugly. I don’t even mean those low-resolution pieces you might pick up in old dungeons or as world drops; even some of those sets have their charms. I also don’t mean the classic Burning Crusade era “clown suit” armor — those were just the looks we had when the developers were excited to show us a new otherworldly place and we didn’t have any way to cover it up. (Besides, now we have an actual clown suit, and it actually looks amazing.)

I’m referring to the kinds of things that make you visually recoil from your screen and exclaim “Why?!” in a plaintive wail. The kind of armor you don’t bother trying to transmog to even if it is in your appearance books because not only are you pretty sure that it doesn’t go with anything, you’re not sure you want to find out if it actually does because that means you might end up wearing it.

For me, the winner has to go to any of the Tier 2.5 sets from the Temple of Ahn’qiraj 40-person raid but especially the Warrior and Paladin sets. I get that they wanted something that looked like you were crafting your own armor out of insect parts, I guess, but did they have to come in a hideous sort of pink-ish, orange-ish, purple-ish melange of colors? To add insult to injury, they’re a lot of work to get since you’ve got to collect bits and bobs from all over the raid, and once you do these unglamorous sets are your reward.

I guess I have to give Blizzard a little credit for the Ahn’Qiraj sets appearing to be one of the first times they experimented with completely asymmetrical shoulders, but at the same time… let’s just say I’m in no rush to break out the Conqueror’s Spaulders. Or their matching “crown.” Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but no one wants to behold these. [Editor’s note: …I like these sets.]

So sound off in the comments: What’s the ugliest transmog in World of Warcraft?

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