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Diablo > Diablo 4Jun 6, 2023 10:00 am CT

How to earn Renown (and the rewards from earning it) in Diablo 4

Renown is a new feature in Diablo 4 that is designed to reward your characters for taking the time to explore each of the game’s five regions. While the rewards are not game-breaking, they provide a nice boost especially when it comes time to level an alt. In addition, they are the only way to earn Skill Points outside of gaining levels. To view your Renown progress open the Map (default is TAB or M with keyboard, View/Touchpad with XBox or PS5 controller) and Show Rewards (default is W with keyboard, Y/△ on XBox or PS5).

Each of the game’s regions — Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, Dry Steppes, Kehjistan, and Hawezar — have their own separate Renown tracks with five reward tiers. As a result you’ll want to balance your exploration, especially since the final two tiers can’t be unlocked until you’ve completed the campaign and the first capstone dungeon in order to access World Tier 3 difficulty.

The rewards are broken up into two types: character rewards and account rewards. The former rewards can be earned on each character you play in Sanctuary, while the latter are only unlocked once.

  • Tier 1
    • Character rewards: Bonus XP and 3000 Gold
    • Account reward: +1 Skill Point.
  • Tier 2
    • Character rewards: Bonus XP and 10,000 Gold
    • Account reward: +1 Healing Potion Capacity. Reaching Tier 2 in each Region will increase your potions to the maximum 9 for all characters.
  • Tier 3
    • Character rewards: Bonus XP and 25,000 Gold
    • Account reward: +1 Skill Point. Achieving Tier 3 in each Region will result in a total of 10 additional Skill Points for all characters.
  • Tier 4 (requires World Tier 3 unlock)
    • Character rewards: Bonus XP and 60,000 Gold
    • Account reward: +80 max Murmuring Obols. Since the initial cap is 500 Obols, unlocking this tier will increase your maximum Obols up to 900 if reached for all Regions; an additional 100 are unlocked from Altars of Lilith.
  • Tier 5 (requires World Tier 3 unlock)
    • Character rewards: Bonus XP and 150,000 Gold
    • Account reward: +4 Paragon Points. This is equivalent to a level’s worth of Paragon Points, and while your characters can’t use them until level 50 it gives a nice head start when you get there.

How to earn Renown while adventuring through Sanctuary

Acquiring Renown is pretty straightforward, as most Renown is gained simply by playing the game. There are six sources of Renown, with a variable number of each available in the five Regions:

  • Areas Discovered: The easiest way to acquire Renown, is by simply exploring the map. However, you’ll only get 5 Renown with each area revealed so you’ll want to partake in other activities as well.
  • Altars of Lilith: Each Altar uncovered grants 10 Renown, and you’ll want to make them a priority due to the account wide bonuses they provide. That said, some are hidden well so you may need to consult an online guide to find all of them.
  • Waypoints: The Waypoints scattered across the map are worth 20 Renown and since they’re the fastest way to get around Sanctuary you’ll want to get all that you can, although many of them you’ll find while working on the Campaign — just don’t forget to unlock them!
  • Side Quests: Each zone has Side Quests separate from the main campaign, and while they are worth doing anyway for the experience and lore they also provide 20 Renown when completed.
  • Side Dungeons: Dungeons are a major feature of Diablo 4, providing Legendary Aspects upon completion while also a good source of leveling experience (note that some quests direct you into Dungeons, so make sure you finish them even if the quest completes mid-dungeon). They also provide 30 Renown when completed the first time.
  • Strongholds: Each Region has three Strongholds that reward 100 Renown upon completion. These outdoor zones are an important feature, as once completed they transform the area sometimes opening up new quests and vendors. That said they are on the difficult side, with the opponents populating the Stronghold always scaling two levels above your current level.

Like Twitch Drops you’ll need to claim each Reward Tier in order to get the benefits of Renown — it’s not a hard limit, though, so you can still earn Renown even if you haven’t claimed the reward or if you’ve not unlocked World Tier 3 yet. The game will notify you when you can receive the Tier rewards, but you can also check your progress via the Map.

While Renown may feel like a low-priority system due to the fact that most points are acquired passively, it provides many benefits not just for your alts but for your main characters as well. Ten Skill Points is substantial and worth aiming for, and when you’re deep in the Paragon board you’ll want those extra 20 points Renown offers. So when working your way through Sanctuary after Lilith be sure to explore as you may want these Renown Rewards when you finally catch up to her.

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