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What board game could you play repeatedly without ever getting bored?

Growing up, the term “board game” conjured images ranging from Stratego to (The Game of) Life to Monopoly. If you were to have told me we were having a board game night, I would’ve pictured a room with at least 10 board games, all meant to be played in a single evening. Nowadays, though, a board game night with my friends typically means we play one or two games max — not because we’re old and slow (although we are that) but because the games last so freaking long. One of our go-to games in this category is Scythe — and oh my Yogg, do I love it so much more than I ever thought I could love a board game.

If you’ve never heard of or played Scythe before, the incredibly short version is that it’s like an RTS but in board game form. Is it a one-for-one with StarCraft, Warcraft, or any of the Civilization games? Of course not! But the basic game loop — collect resources, move across the board, build and upgrade, fight when you want the same spot — is there enough that anyone who’s played and enjoyed an RTS will probably like Scythe.

Unlike when I decide to sit down and play an RTS, though, I go into a Scythe night knowing it’s going to be a Scythe night. Sure, we may be on the longer side of the average runtime, but we can still easily make a match last an entire evening (add an hour if we have someone at the table who’s new to the game). And despite how long it takes, how complicated the rules might sound, or how often I find myself hoisted by my own petard, I think I could play this game all the time and never tire of it.

I enjoyed board games growing up, and I certainly had a good selection that I wanted to play fairly regularly. But none of them quite captured me as a child the way Scythe has as an adult. It’s a rarity — but a welcome one — and I’m curious to know what board games y’all have played that fit this bill? Whether you like the short-and-sweet games or ones that take an entire evening, which board game(s) could you play over and over again without feeling bored?

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