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The QueueOct 18, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Let the carnage begin!

The stage is set, the green flag drops! We’re about to race, Queue. Bad to the Bone has just started playing. Fasten your seatbelts, and pedal to the metal!



Q4tQ: I’m thinking of trying out a druid for D4 season 2, despite failing to get to level 50 on my season 1 sorc. Are you rolling a new D4 character for season 2, and if so which one? Did you play as much of season 1 as you intended?

Guess what: I’m also trying a Druid! And I’m finding the class a ton of fun (unlike what my first impression of it had been back in the beta). For now, I’m going for a Werewolf build with wolf and raven companions, and it’s been a blast.

I did play more Season 1 (on a Rogue) than I intended, yes, mostly because days after I thought I was done with it, Liz and Liz (Harper and Patt) dragged me back in to try and finish the Seasonal Journey. I didn’t quite manage to finish all my goals, but I had a ton of fun playing with them, and that’s what matters most!

The racers shift gears as Paranoid comes into play.


Q4tQ Which new keyword coming in Showdown in the Badlands do you think will be more impactful: excavate or quickdraw?

It’s hard to say for sure before we see all the cards. But if I had to guess, I’d say Quickdraw, simply because it’s a more “generic” keyword that can be applied to many different types of cards and effects. It’s the type of keyword that doesn’t require a lot of external support like Excavate does, and I could even see a world where it becomes evergreen (like Discover or Reborn did, for instance), assuming it’s successful.

With that said, there’s clearly a lot of thought and work behind Excavate a well — including powerful Legendary Excavate minions which are the main feature behind five classes this time — so I doubt that the developers will let it sit unused. If those cards happen to be weaker than intended, they’ll likely be buffed in balance patches — or get more synergies once the miniset inevitably comes.

It’s time for some Highway Star.


So how many times is your favorite 13 Sentinels character supposed to change over the playthrough? Because every time I think I’ve picked one, the game throws out yet another new character for me to get invested in.

How many times? The answer is: yes.

I really can’t tell you which character is my favorite in that game, because there are quite a few that I love. Sci-fi fan girl Natsuno is a joy. Tomi’s sass is super lovable. Yuki makes you root for her. Keitaro is not a dog, but he’s a very good boy. Nenji is an idiot with a heart of gold, and we all love those. And who could forget about Miwako! Miwako is not playable, but she must be protected at all costs.

My point is: that’s by design. Each playable character is a potential main character: they were all inspired by famous movies, or anime, or manga, or books, or what-have-you. Seriously, 13 Sentinels has a ton of inspirations and draws from a lot of sources for its characters and story, and the only reason I’m not linking them here is because there are potential big spoilers. But suffice to say: each of those characters probably takes after the main character of some other piece of media that the creators liked. So yes, you’re meant to change favorites quite often — and some of them probably won’t gel with you, which is okay.

The Peter Gunn theme is up next.


If you could make a new class with a similar ‘creation myth’ vibe like demon hunter (in the sense that elves ‘sacrificed everything’ and became part demon and are now a new class) what would it be? it could be silly or serious

humans merging with murloc power?

absorbing crocolisk powers to get extra arms? is that a super stabby rogue?

Serious answer: this would have happened during Shadowlands. Sylvanas’ most loyal followers would have undertaken a ritual to amplify their powers — and thus become playable Dark Rangers. Of course, we did end up getting playable Darkfallen through other means (as a customization option for Blood, Void, and Night Elves, rather than a new class), but I’d have made them into a new class, using a plethora of dark arrows, banshee-like possession effects, mind control powers, spectral dodging, the ability to summon undead creatures, etc.

Silly answer: Azerite-infused Mechas! Cyborg Goblins! Gnomes with nothing to lose! We’d have an honest-to-Yogg mech-piloting, laser-blasting, flame-throwing, curse-of-flesh-hacking Cyberpunk class.

To the sound of Born to be Wild, the race comes to a close.


Q4tQ: is lasagna a cheesecake?

You make a good point.

But I’m still gonna say “no.”

This has been The Queue. Here are the race results:

  • Dishsoap scores a first place knock out!
  • MusedMoose finishes second!
  • Arthonos takes a weak third!
  • Kalcheus is in another time zone!

Tune in next time for the next race, on a different planet — and possibly a different galaxy. The only thing that’s for certain is that some quality rock n’ roll is gonna be blasting on the background.

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