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BlizzCon > HearthstoneNov 3, 2023 2:40 pm CT

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Duos mode will let you team up with another player

The Hearthstone team has just shared a brand-new game mode on BlizzCon 2023: it’s called Battlegrounds Duos, coming “early next year,” and it will allow you to play Battlegrounds as a tag team with another player! Instead of eight individual players duking it out in the Battlegrounds lobby, players will be divided into four duos that share a life total and play as a single unit.

Each player in the duo will be able to help the other by passing cards, and perhaps more, such as resources, to the other. We don’t have many more gameplay details than that at the moment other than what they shared at the BlizzCon presentation and at their official blog, but they’ve already said that more will be revealed in the coming weeks or months — the Hearthstone pipeline is usually pretty quick with delivering their announcements.

On the presentation, the idea of “playing with a friend” was emphasized, so we’re pretty sure that you’ll be able to team up with someone on your friends list to take on the Battlegrounds Duos. But we’re still unsure if you’ll also be able to simply solo queue for it, and get paired with a random player. That’s a pretty likely feature, though, since the mode would probably be too restrictive if it didn’t allow players to do that — especially considering that Hearthstone is not a game that has social features as its forte — no guilds or group finder tools of any sort, for instance.

Nevertheless, the Hearthstone team is eager to hear feedback from players, and those who are lucky enough to be at BlizzCon can try it at the show floor right at this moment. They’re also going to share more details on a dedicated Battlegrounds Duos explainer blog, after the Hearthstone What’s Next panel, which will happen later today.

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