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Discussion > WoWNov 21, 2023 8:00 am CT

What are your thoughts on the Race to World First for Amirdrassil?

Today is reset day for the North American WoW servers, and barring a last minute defeat of Tindral Sageswift and a vastly undertuned final encounter in Amirdrassil it looks like Mythic difficulty Fyrakk will survive the first week of Dragonflight Season 3. While a Mythic raid that lasts multiple resets is always desirable, you have to think that many NA guilds are looking askance at the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in the US on Thursday and wondering if it’s going to be an issue.

The Race to World First itself got off to a slow start, with many of the top guilds opting to focus on Heroic splits rather than dipping their toe into the Mythic encounters. While the splits are a typical endeavor by the guilds, the concurrent opening of all difficulties the same date means that guilds do not get an extra week to farm needed tier and desirable weapons and trinkets. This slows down the race but also makes it kind of boring for spectators. On the plus side the guild Instant Dollars was kind enough to focus on Mythic progression early and show us the first six boss fights while waiting on the big guns, and they’re still in the thick of things — although unlike the countless tortoise and hare stories we were subjected to as children one of the bunnies is sure to win.

Of course the first six boss fights ended up being on the easy side, with Smolderon being the first real challenge — a challenge that hasn’t been easy to overcome, with only eight guilds past him (at the time of this writing). Even Liquid who vanquished him first did so with only a bubbled Paladin alive. As difficult as Smolderon is, Tindral Sageswift has been an immensely greater challenge, with Liquid already surpassing the number of pulls they had on Halondrus (although not the amount of time spent on him). Tindral likely does die within the next day or so (depending on how thorough the heroic splits are post-reset) and then it’s Fyrakk time. There’s always a fear of a Xavius scenario — for those who don’t remember our last raiding visit to the Emerald Dream, the penultimate boss Cenarius was a much harder fight and Xavius was defeated pretty readily — but with Fyrakk already getting some proactive tuning it’s likely not to repeat itself.

All told I’ve been enjoying the Race to World First. I do wish the fights had gotten difficult sooner, but thankfully it wasn’t a complete joke until the final boss. I’m hoping the race isn’t adversely impacted by Thanksgiving in the US, but there’s a good chance the race will be over by then anyway.

What do you think? Have you been paying attention to the Race to World First? How do you feel about the top guilds spending half the week running heroic splits to gear? And which guild do you think takes the final World First crown of Dragonflight?

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