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WoW ClassicFeb 8, 2024 3:00 pm CT

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 is now live!

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The first phase of World of Warcraft Classic’s new Season of Discovery was teeming with new secrets, abilities, and other changes and activities for players try out in Classic Azeroth and the discoveries continue in Phase 2, which is now live! The second of a four part release phase, Phase 2 will cover levels 25-40 and kicks things up a notch with more new activities in the open world. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you can do in Phase 2!

What’s in Season of Discovery phase 2?

  • Level cap: 40
  • Raid: Gnomeregan
  • PVP Event: Blood Moon

Each level band will have a dedicated raid, called a “level-up” raid, designed to be the pinnacle activity. For the level 25-40 band, the level-up raid is Gnomeregan. Following in the footsteps of Blackfathom Deeps being re-made into a raid for the level 1-25 band, Gnomeregan has been worked its encounters and environment to challenge level 40 players. There will also be a profession quest line tied to the raid that opens up new recipes for the non-gathering professions.

We’re also getting more runes to discover and play with. Right now, each class has 12 runes total across their Gloves, Legs, and Chest items, and it looks like we might be getting runes for Belts, Boots or Bracers in Phase 2. The WoW Classic team was quick to point out that just because these runes were pulled from the Phase 2 PTR build, doesn’t mean they’re all coming in Phase 2 and could come later. There’s also a new PVP event in Stranglethorn Vale called the Blood Moon that turns the entire zone into a PVP free-for-all for 30 minutes. Learning from the issues in Ashenvale during Phase 1, the Classic team designed this event to happen every 3 hours to occur more consistently for players to join in.

As players move beyond level 25, some things may work differently in Phase 2 than they did Phase 1, though these changes are largely meant to help players move along into new areas and discover the new content.

What does the future release cadence look like?

At the end of 2023, Blizzard published their World of Warcraft Classic 2024 roadmap alongside one for its retail counterpart, which gives a general idea for each Season of Discovery phase. Now that we know phase 2 is coming on February 8, we can start to look for a consistent release cadence between phases. The total time between Season of Discovery’s launch and the next phase will be 10 weeks and may be the time between each phase in the future.

The current level band introduced players to new NPCs, quests, and items, and Phase 2 continues to add new types of events, showing us that Season of Discovery isn’t limited to just runes and new raids. This is just a taste of the new things for players to discover and experience so who knows what else is hidden in phase 2. We’ll keep track of all the new things coming in upcoming phase as soon as we learn about them so keep your eyes on the site and stay up-to-date for everything in Season of Discovery!

Originally published on December 11, 2023. Updated on February 8, 2024.

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