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Discussion > WoWFeb 23, 2024 8:00 am CT

What holiday reward would you like to see added to World of Warcraft?

Over the last year or so, a lot of WoW‘s holiday events have seen smaller or larger revamps; while Winter Veil added a few new rewards as it always does, and Noblegarden offered a big basket of eggs for your dragonriding mount, it wasn’t until the most recent Love is in the Air that we saw an entirely new festival area, revamped daily quests, and a heaping helping of new rewards. Notably, however, the most recent Lunar Festival hadn’t changed at all, since Blizzard’s effort is doubtlessly focused on the bigger flashier events than others.

However, that gives us the opportunity to do a little daydreaming and get a little inventive. What kind of item would you add to a holiday event as a reward? We’ve seen all kinds of things, from a series of thematic Hearthstones (I still don’t have all of them!) to the world’s most hideously magenta mana ray, so nothing is off the table here. What’s your ultimate holiday wish item?

For me, this year, I’d like to see the Winter Veil weaponry filled out to become an entire holiday arsenal. We have a fabulous candy cane sword from the Trading Post, as well as the Miniature Winter Veil Tree dagger, but that leaves a whole lot of classes out in the cold when it comes to violently celebrating winter cheer. Let’s get a whole set of weaponry and shields so we can jingle all the way through the raid. I’m talking candy cane swords, gift-wrapped shields, tree-shaped daggers, Yule log maces (flames included), offhand gift boxes, a bow made of mistletoe that fires snowflakes, tinsel flails, festive warglaives decked with holly, and just a full-sized Winter Veil tree that I can use as a staff. Call it the Ensemble of Season’s Beatings.

So how about you — what do you want as a reward, of any kind, from any holiday in World of Warcraft?

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