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Phil Xavier

Phil Xavier @harmonicstrike — Phil Xavier, also known as Red, began his Blizzard adventure many years ago, with such titles as Rock N' Roll Racing and Blackthorne -- but it was the one-two punch of Warcraft II and Diablo that really took hold of his nerdy heart. He is also deeply interested in other games, especially for the Switch (but without ignoring the PC and PS4), and in discussions about game design (and game-making) in general. There is a place called rcnsk.com where he writes stuff unrelated to Blizzard Watch, but the truth is that there's nothing really in there yet.

The Queue: Long, long queue

The famous “Sakeru Gummy vs. Long Sakeru Gummy” series of commercials — more popularly known as the “Long Long Man” commercials — are some of the greatest commercials ever made. So much that they actually won the top prize (the Silver Lion) at the 2018 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, among other awards.

I’m reminded of that commercial because last night I asked for Queue questions, and you guys delivered (I love you all): I got so many of them that this Queue grew incredibly long. So long that the very first draft already went over the unknown limit where the ghosts in the machine get fed up with our crap and decide to erase the whole thing. So I had to cut some questions, which is really sad.

Alas, much like our hero Tooru-san, This Queue will forever be envious of a longer Queue — the kind of Queue that would make his beloved Chi-chan swoon — but that it’ll never be.

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