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Phil Xavier

Phil Xavier @harmonicstrike — Phil Xavier, also known as Red, began his Blizzard adventure many years ago, with such titles as Rock N' Roll Racing and Blackthorne -- but it was the one-two punch of Warcraft II and Diablo that really took hold of his nerdy heart. He is also deeply interested in other games, especially for the Switch (but without ignoring the PC and PS4), and in discussions about game design (and game-making) in general. There is a place called rcnsk.com where he writes stuff unrelated to Blizzard Watch, but the truth is that there's nothing really in there yet.

The Queue: I’ve never been so hyped for a game in my entire life

The game is Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, releasing in 22 days for the PS5 (and a few months later for other platforms). There was a Sony State of Play showcasing it last night and… aggghhhh. I’m beyond sold. I can’t wait. I absolutely cannot wait.

But since I have to wait, let’s do this Queue thing in which I use pictures to try to sell it to others as well.

The Queue: The Cow

For some reason, Blizzard games and cows go together as well as popcorn and butter, Romeo and Juliet, mac and cheese. From the Secret Cow Level in Diablo to the iconic Busan Cow from Overwatch; from the Tauren in World of Warcraft and the Tauren Marine in StarCraft to ETC from Heroes of the Storm, or the ever useful E.T.C., Band Manager from Hearthstone… cows and cow-people always find a way into Blizzard games — and I’m certain we all agree that they’re much richer for it.

This is The Queue, where we talk about cows, factions, MMOs, ţ̴̝͒̈̈́́h̶͇͈͎̹̬͚͕̜̎͑͋e̸̯̞̟͒̒͂ͅ ̴͔̥̦͕̈́̍̾̀̿̉̊͠͠͝ͅv̴̺̖̞̜̮̘̬̦͗͛͂͂̅͐͐õ̷̡̼̜͉͖͐̏͛̾̈́i̴̝̖̐̿̾̄̆d̶͇̮̻͕͉͉͍̪̱̝̋́̆̓͗͠, and more cows.

The Queue: These races aren’t (yet) playable

Players have been begging for certain races to become playable for years now. How should they be added to the game? Vrykul and Ogres could become counterparts on the Alliance and Horde, respectively — but aren’t they a bit too large? Would you play a character that keeps getting stuck in doors? Or would you accept it if those races were made slightly smaller — perhaps Tauren-sized?

How would your Naga character wear armor without legs? Sure, we do have the Dracthyr who shun a lot of armor pieces due to their design — but that decision has not proven to be very popular with a large contingent of players. For Naga, could they perhaps turn pants into “tail armor” instead?

While we ponder these and other questions, let’s Queue, my Tuskarr-starved friends.

The Queue: These combos aren’t (yet) real

How much longer must we wait until we can roll a Forsaken Paladin, or a Worgen Demon Hunter? Sadly, I don’t have the answer. But I might have other answers. This is The Queue, and you get a complimentary pair of sunglasses and a roasted chicken for reading.*

*disclaimer: you do not actually get a complimentary pair of sunglasses or a roasted chicken for reading The Queue.

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