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Scott Helfand

Scott Helfand — Scott has way too many names: Red-Hatted Rogue, Rfeann, @SvelteKumquat, that guy who thinks Cheat Death can keep saving him from fire infinitely. He's the cofounder of Ravenholdt, a fansite that brings together the brightest minds in Roguedom to focus exclusively on the class. He also writes and maintains Rogue class guides for Wowhead and BradyGames.

Encrypted Text: Our poison pill

Rogue poisons. What are they good for? Obviously, poison design has changed a lot throughout WoW's history. The evolution of poisons over the years highlights a lot of trial and error on the part of WoW's game designers, and plenty of cases in which poisons had to be redesigned (or removed entirely) after players figured out ways to exploit them.

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