Chef of the Storm serves up the Nexus Yesterday, we directed your attention to the official World of Warcraft cookbook. Here at Blizzard Watch, we’re big fans of community creations, too.

StarCraft visual novel prequel tells the story of Brood War esports A visual novel about playing competitive StarCraft? When we first heard about SC2VN, a story about the StarCraft 2 esports scene, we weren’t quite sure what to make of it.

We’re not sure we can call this tiny abomination “cute” Can an abomination be cute? With this super tiny abomination, we’re filing that one under “maybe.” Eostre — whom you can find on DeviantArt — decided to take Putricide’s Tiny Abomination in a Jar and make a real world version.

Matt Fossen brings WoW characters to life with screenshot art For all that I admire the many talented artists in the Blizzard fan community, I always find myself tremendously impressed by art based on in-game assets — like the header image above, showing some of the Blizzard Watch crew’s characters as posed by Matt Fossen (perhaps better known as The Cranky Tank on Twitter). Sure,...

pepe plush
The making of a handmade Pepe plush By now, you know our love for all things Pepe here at Blizzard Watch, so it’s really no surprise we have yet more Pepe-crafts to highlight this week. Today we’re talking with Jen, a plushie-maker who first caught our attention because she was making handmade Pepe plushes before Blizzard introduced their own.

This Santa Pepe ornament is sure to make your holiday bright We first encountered The Tall Grass because of this adorable Santa Pepe ornament, but as it turns out the shop has plenty of figurines for a World of Warcraft fan — or Pokemon fan or League of Legends fan or Studio Ghibli fan — to love. We caught up with The Tall Grass to ask just...

These Hearthstone card cookies are good enough to eat Who doesn’t love a delicious cookie — especially after a hard-won Hearthstone match? When we saw these Hearthstone-themed cookies made by Dayani, we just had to know more.

These wood burning creations are entirely for the Horde Just when it seems like we’ve seen everything the crafty fans of Blizzard games can do, we’re surprised by something new. This week we caught up with Marty, who’s done two wood-burned Horde-themed creations, to find out just how she made these detailed pieces.

Making music for machinima with Machinimasound’s Per Kiilstofte If you’ve read our recent interviews with machinima makers, you know that creating videos using games as source footage is a time-consuming labor of love. But there’s one aspect of machinima making that I hadn’t considered until I discovered Machinimasound: where do creators find music for their pieces they won’t get sued for using?

Chriskon Machinima gives a behind-the-scenes look at making WoW machinima Making machinima in World of Warcraft isn’t as simple as pointing your in-game camera and pressing record, something that’s perfectly obvious in the carefully crafted music videos of Chriskon Machinimas (you can also find Chris on Twitter and Twitch). Making these goes well beyond the game client, with sets, animation, and effects created using third party software...

Nixxiom talks machinima and making a life out of what you love If you follow the world of machinima, you probably already know Nixxiom (and/or his partner in crime Moocluck) — or at least seen some of his videos.  And if not, there’s no time like the present to look him up on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.

BlizzCrafts: Talking SC2VN with Timothy Young and TJ Huckabee When we first heard about SC2VN, the fan-made visual novel game, we weren’t quite sure what to think. This particular approach and game style isn’t anything that Blizzard has toyed with before, so it was pretty cool to see fans take up the task and produce a really sharp title.

Steve Hamaker gets to the heart of gaming in PLOX If you follow our weekly Webcomic Wrapup, you’re probably already familiar with PLOX, a comic about … well, I’ll just let its own introduction explain: Set against the Midwest paradigm of Columbus, Ohio, PLOX is the story of Chad, the raid leader with no patience, Roy, the rational one that would rather play with dice...

Papercraft Sylvanas is as impressive (and threatening) as she is in-game We initially ran into papercrafter Eduardo — whom you can find on Twitter, DeviantArt, and YouTube —  when he posted a stunning papercraft Sylvanas. Though he’s just starting to do Blizzard-themed papercrafts, he’s been making paper creations from other media for years — and, since we spoke to him, he’s added an equally impressive papercraft...

Warcraft in woodworking from Smartwood Customs We first encountered Steven of Smartwood Customs when we ran into his Azeroth map wall hangings on Etsy. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of impressive fan art in our day, but mostly on a smaller scale: spaced out on a wall, this map measures at least two feet by three feet.

Pollux Perfumery creates scents to evoke your favorite characters We’ve featured plenty of visual (and sometimes edible) art here, but perfumes themed on Blizzard games hadn’t crossed our minds… until we ran into Pollux Perfumery. Dee runs Pollux Perfumery, making scents based on video game characters — including some of our favorites from World of Warcraft.