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The Queue: I love Diablo 3

I just love this game sometimes. For all the flaws you might list, one thing is clear — Diablo 3 does not care if I build and spec my character entirely around simply spinning my way through every single demon I see until they’re all dead. Indeed, it welcomes this activity. It loves it. And this is why I love Diablo 3.

I mean, I try other builds. Right now one of my Barbarians is rocking a Seismic Slam build using full Immortal King for the permanent Ancients and a Fury of the Vanished Peak. I don’t quite have enough pieces of the Might of the Earth set yet to focus on that, but once I do, I’m sure Seismic Slam damage will be delightful. But still, I love my Whirlwind build.

Actually, I got so impatient that I went and farmed up the Might of the Earth pants and went full Earthquake/Seismic Slam on my recently leveled Barbarian because why not? And yes, it’s delightful. I happened to get a pair of Bracers of Destruction out of a GR, and my word it’s lovely. Things evaporate. Does this mean I’ll abandon my Whirlwind build? No, it just means I have a reason to play two different Barbarians.

Like I needed one.

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