Class Identity

classes in legion
Don’t expect major class changes in Battle for Azeroth World of Warcraft’s expansions have become known for their wide, sweeping changes, and systems overhauls every time a new one comes out. Legion was no exception, and perhaps contained the most extreme overhauls as the WoW devs hammered out each class and spec according to class fantasy.

Weapon restrictions and class identity World of Warcraft has weapon restrictions built into its class system. Over the years, it’s changed and relaxed some — Rogues didn’t used to be able to use axes, for example.

Tsuki on Windwhisper (US) casting Uplift
Zen Meditation: Is the Legion Mistweaver becoming overly homogenized? When the Monk Legion class preview debuted, probably the first concern — and rightly so — voiced by Mistweavers questioned whether the specialization would become too similar to other healers. Speaking from experience, I quit my Restoration shaman and my Restoration druid pre-Mists when I felt that healing had become boring for me.