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Enhancement Shaman

The Queue: Let me ask you something

Okay, so this is a bit of a departure for The Queue, but I’m really curious about some things and I figured I could ask here. Y’all are of course free to ignore me, but:

I spent my level 100 boost on my Shaman because I missed playing him, and I always liked Enhancement. And I think it’s an interesting new design they’ve gone with, and Maelstrom as a mechanic has potential to be fun. But even now that he’s in ilevel 660+ gear he just explodes when I get adds. Like, one or two adds, and I’m down to half health. Even with spamming heals on myself it’s brutal. Is anyone out there playing Enhance and feeling like it’s just a tissue paper spec? None of my other characters had this hard a time in Tanaan.

This is the Queue. I asked you a querstion, and now I answer some of yours. Fair’s fair.

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