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Discussion > WoWJul 6, 2020 8:00 am CT

Which spec designs from the past would you like to see return to WoW?

World of Warcraft has seen a very high number of changes to its classes and specializations over the years. Some spec designs from the past were truly remarkable and are missed by players to this day. Mists of Pandaria, in particular, was an expansion full of those. Back in those days, casters enjoyed a lot of mobility — the Fire Mage was a true pyromaniac, capable of setting the whole world on fire without ever needing to stop. Elemental Shaman could summon their Lightning Bolts on the move as well. And all types of Warlocks had Kil’jaeden’s Cunning to also give them the ability to fling spells on the move, with different iterations over the years.

Gladiator Warrior was another favorite. Protection warriors used to have the option to go sword-and-board mode while dealing damage instead of tanking. And speaking of multiple types of roles within the same spec, Demonology Warlocks used to be able to access a special form of Metamorphosis — that ability used to be theirs, before Demon Hunters entered the game — that allowed them to tank for a short while. Feral Druids were specialized in Cat and Bear at the same time — their fourth spec, Guardian, didn’t exist yet, and those Druids could seamlessly transition between tanking and dealing damage, even in the middle of combat.

Death Knights were a whole different beast when they were first introduced. All three specs — Frost, Unholy, and Blood — were designed to be able to either tank or deal damage, depending on your talent choices. The first iteration of Atonement for Discipline Priests didn’t require them to cast healing spells on their party at all. They operated like a damage spec does, focusing solely on the enemy, and healing just happened automatically. Mistweaver Monks also enjoyed the ability to “fistweave,” which meant they could both attack and deal damage in pretty hefty amounts. Both Atonement and Fistweaving still exist, in a sense, but they are mere shadows of what they were during their glory days.

There have also been specs that players tried to make work, and almost succeeded. The “Shockadin,” a Holy Paladin which focused on dealing damage through Holy Shock, and the Enhancement Shaman tank, are among these. There have also been cases of Rogue players with exceptionally high-end gear stacking so many Avoidance stats that it allowed them to main tank Illidan back when Black Temple was current content!

It seems like the game has moved on to an era where specs are far less malleable — which is a very good thing when it comes to game balance, let’s be absolutely clear. But at the same time, it robs the game of certain aspects that, while unbalanced, were fun. Do you wish Blizzard should give any of those specs another try? Do you miss any of them in particular? Do you wish specs were less rigid when it comes to role, and the ability to properly off-tank or off-heal returned? Do you, like me, deeply miss casting on the move? Or would you rather keep the game as is, in its more balanced — but also more homogenized — state?

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