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Grommash Hellscream

Know Your Lore: Why Grommash Hellscream shouldn’t die

It's not just Grommash's character we're looking at here -- it's the entire state of the Horde as we know it. Did the Horde need Garrosh Hellscream? Yes, it absolutely did, and now that he's gone, there's a void left behind that could be filled, oddly enough, by his father from another reality. But before you get me wrong here, I don't mean Grommash should fill that villain role. Far from it.

Know Your Lore: The legacy of Garrosh Hellscream

This is the story of an orc whose life played full circle, ending where it began -- before it began actually, in an odd twist of fate, time and a little bronze magic. It plays in counterpoint to the tale of Emperor Shaohao, who hid away his kingdom, so confident and prideful in himself and his people's abilities that he was certain they would thrive in abject isolation from the rest of the world. The orc, on the other hand, came from an absence of pride into a sudden and overwhelming abundance of it... and it slowly ate him alive.

Know Your Lore: Azuka Bladefury, Warlord of the Burning Blade

When the opening came, she took it, becoming the latest Warlord of the Burning Blade and immediately setting to work to try and seal her place as the best and the brightest of the Iron Horde. And it worked, to a degree -- Azuka Bladefury may have had to prove her worth in a collection of more notable names like Blackhand or Kargath Bladefist, but she did so with swift and unerring efficiency.

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