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The Queue: Pajamathur is the best

Wondering about the header image? I’ve got nothing to say beyond that headline. We didn’t even have any Heroes of the Storm questions today, but one fact is indisputable: Pajamathur is the best. There’s just no arguing with this sleepy Zerg cutie.

In fact, I think even myself and Mitch agree on this one, and we disagree on basically everything else. But what are we doing sitting around here arguing about what is an obvious fact? Mitch and I are here to tag-team your questions, so let’s get to it.

Has RNG outlived its usefulness?

RNG is short for random number generator, and its the randomness when you do something like roll for loot, or even the randomness that determines whether a certain piece of loot even drops - whether loot is set to personal, or you're using master looter, there's always some randomness because a boss doesn't drop everything it could drop when you kill it.

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