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Taste the rainbow of pain in Diablo 3 — Wyatt Cheng talks about the creation of Whimsyshire

Wyatt Cheng, the Game Director on Diablo Immortal and former patch lead on Diablo 3 who worked on the game at the time of its release, took to Twitter to answer fan questions in an impromptu Q&A to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary, and was asked about why the team on D3 at the time chose to create the best zone in the game, Whimsyshire.

The Queue: Whimsyshire

Finally got to go to Whimsyshire this week — was killing a treasure goblin and boom a portal opened when he died and I ended up turning unicorns into paste. I felt really bad about it until the legendaries started dropping. Then I didn’t feel so bad.

This is The Queue. Let’s talk about Blizzard games.

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