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Wow Classic Phases

Be Prepared! This is what’s in Burning Crusade Classic’s five content phases — Phase 5 is now live!

Like WoW Classic, Burning Crusade Classic starts at a late patch (2.4.3) but game content will roll out over the course of five phases, as well as a prepatch interval I'm terming "phase zero." It mimics the original game release to an extent, but there will be some items whose availability will be unlocked as well over the course of the phases, which we've noted below.

Everything in WoW Classic’s Season of Mastery Phases — with Phase 3 and Zul’Gurub launching March 4

We're well into WoW Classic's Season of Mastery, with its accelerated release cycle sending players zooming through the whole of Classic at a speedy pace. Unlike the initial roll out of WoW Classic, the Season of Mastery plans to release Phase 6 within 12 months, so you'll experience the whole game — plus some new challenges — within a year.

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