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Discussion > StarCraft > WoWFeb 19, 2016 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Would you play the original Warcraft?

You know, with all the chatter about Blizzard’s possible move into mobile gaming, everyone’s been talking about the possibility of seeing the company’s original RTS titles make a reappearance. I don’t really blame them — the original RTS games are classics, and they’re the kinds of games that almost make sense on a tablet. I’ve been suggesting this right along with everyone else because I really wouldn’t mind seeing a resurgence of the original titles, particularly since they involve events that will also be taking place in the upcoming Warcraft movie.

But then I had to ask myself…would I actually play these games, if they came to tablet?

If I’m being completely honest with myself, the answer is probably no. I am not particularly good at RTS titles. I would go so far as to say I am phenomenally bad at RTS titles, and while I’ve played all three of the original Warcraft RTS games, it took me longer than probably necessary to get through them. And the only reason I was doing it was because I wanted to see that story. Now for me, that’s not a huge stretch — look, I’ll go a long way for a good story here, and when I write about lore, I want to make sure I have a handle on all the material I’m writing about. The same might not be said for the casual gamer, or someone that embraces all the MMO aspects of World of Warcraft.

So I’m kind of curious about this, because it’s honestly a good question. Everyone’s been talking about whether or not Warcraft — and StarCraft for that matter — will eventually see some kind of mobile release. If they do, would you play them? Do you like RTS games? Do you like Warcraft enough to play an RTS title, even if it’s not necessarily your favorite type of game? Would you like to see the game come to mobile devices because you’d like to play it, or just because you’d like to have the option of doing so?

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