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DiscussionJun 3, 2019 8:00 am CT

Am I one of the few people looking forward to world PVP when WoW Classic arrives?

Over the weekend, my guild did “Call to Arms: Drustvar.” We’re not a PVP-centric guild, but we have people who enjoy doing this so we try to put a couple events every month on the calendar. Several people still had “Against Overwhelming Odds” from the previous week so the ten of us decided we should get that finished. We went to Dazar’alor. We got it finished and had a grand time talking with Bwonsamdi. “Haha! Now dat was an impressive death!” Yes it was, thank you.

Periodically, we go to Orgrimmar and take over a building there. It’s a lot of fun to see how long we can hold it before Horde overwhelms us. We usually hang around no more than an hour or maybe 90 minutes. When your opponent realizes you’ll be back, they wait and it’s not as much fun to rez and die within five minutes of coming back to life — snarky Bwonsamdi comments notwithstanding.

With the announcement that PVP testing was coming to the WoW Classic beta test, I admit to nostalgia. The first world PVP I ever engaged in was an attempt to take over Crossroads. I was a wee 30-something and all these level 60’s were charging at one another. I didn’t have a horde at the time so didn’t know the layout of Crossroads. We were driven from the town and toward Ratchet. We formed up — almost like the child’s game Red Rover — with one section of line attacking while another fell back.

That was it. I was hooked. Before Cataclysm and the arrival of guards which can shoot through walls and ceilings, my guild would regularly take over a Horde town just to see how long before we were routed. Far flung places — like Revantusk or Shadowprey Villages, or Kargath — didn’t seem to attract much attention. But attack Crossroads or Brill or Tarren Mill, and the Horde came to defend and drive us out. It was so much fun!

The quality of world PVP has diminished so much since those heady days. It was just like the Star Trek episode “Piece of the Action” where one group hit one gang and that group then retaliated. Horde attacked Southshore and prevented quest turn ins. Okay, we gather our forces and hit Tarren Mill. We hit Crossroads and they go after farmers in Westfall. It was all spontaneous. I miss that.

As WoW Classic draws near, how are you feeling about the PVP aspect? Do you miss the heady days of Southshore/Tarren Mill battles? Do you have some fond memories of those or other places where world PVP just naturally sprang up? And finally, how do you feel world PVP now compares to what you remember from WoW‘s early days?

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