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WoWJun 14, 2019 2:00 pm CT

Here’s even more evidence that the Vulpera will finally become an Allied Race

It’s time to add yet another piece of evidence for why the Vulpera will soon become an Allied Race.

A Wowhead reader found a trace of Vulpera code in the game’s files that suggests the race will show up in a cutscene as a player character. You can see the list includes all of the other playable races to slot into player’s spot in the cutscene, and now it clearly reads Vulpera.

Notably, the spot where the piece of text is located corresponds with the Magni Heart of Azeroth intro cutscene and was updated just before the addition of the Kul Tiran humans in patch 8.1. Add to that the more recent addition of a Vulpera Beerfest icon — which all other playable races have — and it seems like there’s no doubt that they’ll be available soon.

There’s too many reasons for the Vulpera to be playable to count at this point. They have adorable sleep animations and a set of potential race-specific mounts. We watched as their model got changed over time in the alpha and beta of Battle For Azeroth. Their models perfectly fit with player equipment. Even Blizzard has said they want to add more races in the future. And their entire story and questlines in Vol’Dun make it seem like they’re going to join the Horde after helping them fight back against the Sethrak.

It’s not even a tease anymore. It seems like we’re basically watching as Blizzard starts to add hooks into the game that support the upcoming race. The question at this point is when do we think we’ll see them properly added to the game. Right now, there’s no indication that they’ll show up in patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara. It wouldn’t make the most sense since so much is going on in that patch. The best we can do is hope that they’ll finally show up in a patch soon after that.

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