Loot Boxes

No real money loot boxes coming in Battle for Azeroth YouTube duo Taliesin and Evitel had an opportunity to interview World of Warcraft producers Ray Cobo and Shani Edwards during BlizzCon 2017, focusing upon the newly announced Battle for Azeroth. In their interview, they touched on two of Battle for Azeroth’s hottest topics: boats and loot boxes.

Heroes of the Storm changes new hero launch skins and bundles With the launch of Alexastrasza, Heroes of the Storm will be changing how it handles bundles and skins for new heroes. Notably, hero launch skins — that is, the skins first available when a new hero is released — will only be available for purchase with gems.

Reinhardt gets his charge card back in latest Overwatch patch notes Yeah, okay, it’s a terrible joke but I think Reinhardt would approve. The latest Overwatch patch notes for August 1st are entirely bug fixes, but if you’ve been afflicted by any of them, you’ll appreciate that they are being fixed.

Doomfist is now live in Overwatch We’ve been looking forward to this day since the very first Overwatch trailer: Doomfist is finally playable in game. Stuck at work wishing you could play Doomfist? You can still read his comic and catch up on his lore while you wait.

Don’t stockpile your Overwatch Loot Boxes Overwatch recently announced improvements for in-game Loot Boxes and how they work — namely, reducing duplicates and increasing credits received. Naturally, when something better is on the horizon, players want to wait to take every possible advantage.

Loot Box changes and Highlights live on Overwatch PTR A new build has hit the Overwatch PTR, featuring the new Highlights options mentioned in the latest Developer Update. In addition, there’s a selection of bug fixes to heroes, maps, and the user interface.

Improvements to Highlights and Loot Boxes on the way to Overwatch Overwatch players have been asking for a way to save Highlights from matches, and change is on its way. In the latest Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan covers the new features of the evolved Highlights feature, coming soon to Overwatch.

Overwatch China changes loot box purchases to dodge gambling laws Earlier this year, China implemented anti-gambling laws which required games to divulge the probability to earn certain drops in random loot boxes. Through these measures, we learned the drop rates from certain Blizzard games — or at least, their baseline chances in the Chinese version of the client.

Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Heroes loot box drop rates revealed in China Wondering just what your chances are of snagging some sweet loot in Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Heroes? Then you’re in luck, because a new law in China has forced Blizzard to reveal drop rates for purchasable loot boxes.

Ring in the holidays with Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event The holidays are taking over Blizzard’s cadre of games: Winter Veil is starts tomorrow in Heroes of the Storm (and Friday in World of Warcraft), and now Winter Wonderland has begun in Overwatch. Much like last week’s datamining predicted, the event will feature holiday-themed maps, an event, and a ton of new skins.

New Chinese law will require games to list the odds on random loot boxes How many Overwatch loot boxes have you opened hoping to get Vigilante McCree? (Or, I suppose, some other skin if you aren’t interested in this majestic McCree.) Somehow, when you’re trying to get a specific drop, the odds always seem to be against you.

Plundering Overwatch loot boxes I love surprises. I also love Overwatch.

Overwatch loot boxes now available for cash Ah, the infamous Overwatch loot boxes. You want ’em; Blizzard’s got ’em. Inside these boxes you’ll find a random assortment of cosmetic items but there’s only one most of us are looking for: character skins.

Get started with Overwatch with our guides The Overwatch launch is upon us. Are you prepared?

Overwatch: Top 15 Tracer Sprays One of the fun features of Overwatch is the environment. Maps are colorful, with plenty of ways to get from point a to point b, and plenty of places to hide.

Overwatch: Tracer skins and Victory Poses Overwatch’s new rewards system has all kinds of goodies for players, including a variety of new skins, sprays, voice emotes, victory poses, and other purely cosmetic rewards. Getting these rewards is pretty simple: Play the game, level your character, earn loot boxes, and the goodies are all yours!