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Discussion > WoWDec 10, 2019 8:00 am CT

What would you like to see happen with PVP battlegrounds in Shadowlands?

Do we need new battlegrounds in World of Warcraft at this point?

We’ve had a bunch introduced over the years, with nine battlegrounds and four epic battlegrounds (which were introduced in Legion). We have Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch, Isle of Conquest, Eye of the Storm, Temple of Kotmogu, Battle of Gilneas, Deepwind Gorge, Silvershard Mines, the Seething Shore, Twin Peaks, Wintergrasp, and Ashran right now. That’s 13, and that’s not even counting PVP Brawls or special events like Korrak’s Revenge, nor is it counting Strand of the Ancients, which was removed back at the beginning of Battle for Azeroth. That is a lot of battlegrounds.

I’m kind of surprised that we haven’t gotten Tol Barad turned into a battleground yet, since we got Wintergrasp and Ashran as Epic BGs. Blizzard could easily convert it to a 40-versus-40 BG, I’d expect, but there doesn’t seem to be any move towards that happening. It’s weird to go back there now, but no weirder than Wintergrasp, and people still run that.

So let me now ask you guys — do you want to see new battlegrounds in Shadowlands? See old PVP zones like Tol Barad or even the Warfronts from Battle converted into some kind of BG or even special Brawls so we could get some changes in the rotation? Or are 13 BGs enough for everyone and you’d rather see them focus on something else? Leave a comment here so we get to see what you’re interested in seeing for Battlegrounds in Shadowlands.

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