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WoWDec 26, 2019 2:00 pm CT

Everything we know about the Kyrian Covenant in WoW Shadowlands

Welcome to Shadowlands! We’re glad you’ve come to visit the realm of the dead, but now that you’re here, you have to make a choice. Once you get to level 60, you’ll be asked to choose one of four Covenants to align with. The Kyrian will be the first one you meet, followed by Necrolords in Maldraxxas, Night Fae in Ardenweald, and Venthyr in Revendreth. But which one should you choose?

While we don’t have complete details about the Covenants (yet), this article covers what we know about the Kyrian Covenant so far.

Who are the Kyrians in WoW Shadowlands?

The Kyrians are angelic-looking creatures who shuttle souls between the lands of the living and the dead, and the Val’kyr count themselves as members of this convent. These soul guides value humility, righteousness, service, meditation, and reflection. We can expect to run into Uther Lightbringer and other noble souls  in the Kyrian zone of Bastion.

The upheaval Sylvanas has caused in the Shadowlands left the Kyrian are in disarray, and their ranks are dwindling. That means there are fewer soul guides to ferry souls to the afterlife, putting the whole faction in jeopardy. While questing with the Kyrian, I expect to be charged with ferrying souls, and maybe there will be tests to see if I’m worthy of an eternity spent in virtuous service.

What are the Kyrian abilities in WoW Shadowlands?

When you join a Covenant, you’ll receive a movement-based ability and a combat ability specific to your class. All Kyrian Covenant members get Unburden. When you use this, you dissolve into anima which increases your movement speed by 300%, slows your falling speed, and moves you forward for 4 seconds, which reduces an enemy’s ability to detect you. It’s on a two minute cooldown which might be problematic if you’re trying to outrun lots of mobs or traverse a large hostile space.

We already know Kyrian Covenant abilities for all classes:

  • Death Knights get Shackle the Unworthy which reduces the damage enemies deal to you and hits them with Arcane damage over 14 seconds.
  • Demon Hunters get Elysian Decree. The DH carves runes into the ground in front of them which detonate to deal Arcane damage and shatter Lesser Soul Fragments from the enemy.
  • Druids get Purity’s Vale which fills an area with anima for 16 seconds, increasing your Intellect and Stamina by 20% while you’re in it. Each Druid specialization gains the an additional benefit every 4 seconds:
  • Hunters get Resonance Trap. This throws a trap at a targeted location which fills the area with echoing anima for 10 seconds when the first enemy approaches. This allows the hunter to ignore line-of-sight on enemies within the trap’s area. Hunters will get 30% increased critical strike and the trap lasts one minute with a one minute cooldown.
  • Mages get Radiant Spark which conjures a spark causing instant Arcane damage, plus an additional damage over 8 seconds. The target also takes 25% increased damage from your direct damage spells, a debuff that stacks each time you hit it (up to 4 stacks).
  • Monks get Weapons of Order which increases Mastery by 15% for 30 seconds. Each speciality also receives a unique boost:
    • Windwalkers: Rising Sun Kick cooldown is reset and the cost of your Chi abilities is reduced by one fo8r 5 seconds
    • Mistweavers: Essence Font cooldown is reset and they send out a wave of healing to nearby allies
    • Brewmasters: Keg Smash cooldown reset and enemies hit by Keg Smash take 5% increased damage for eight seconds, which stacks up to five times.
  • Paladins get Divine Toll which instantly casts Holy Shock, Avenger’s Shield, or Judgement (depending on your specialization) on all targets within 30 yards.
  • Priests get Blind Faith, which makes all cast times instant, and all channel duration reduced by 50%. This lasts for eight seconds but when it expires your casting and channeling speed is slowed by 50%.
  • Rogues get Echoing Reprimand which deals Arcane damage to a target and generates an Anima-charged combo point. This special combo point lasts for 12 seconds and is not expended when you do a finishing move.
  • Shaman get a Vesper Totem. Place this totem where you’d like to give +20% Mastery to the closest ally within eight yards — though totem will empower you instead of others if you’re in range. The effect lasts 12 seconds.
  • Warlocks get Souring Tithe, which deals instant Arcane damage, plus additional damage over 18 seconds. If the enemy dies, you receive five Soul Shards. If they survive, the cooldown of Souring Tithe is reset.
  • Warriors get Spear of Bastion. You’ll throw a Kyrian spear at a target location which deals instant Arcane damage instantly, plus additional damage over 4 seconds. Enemies hit are tethered to the spear’s location.

What are the Kyrian Soulbinds in Wow Shadowlands?

We don’t know to which Soulbinds will be available to Kyrians. With Soulbinds, you obtain the benefits of a Kyrian champion, progressing up a sort of talent tree as you progress. You’ll be able to change abilities on a talent tree as you need them.

This works similarly to  Artifact Weapons in Legion and our current necklace and Essences in Battle for Azeroth. We don’t know what benefits we’ll receive if we choose the Kyrian Covenant, but I suspect we’ll see Paladin-ish characters with abilities like rebuke and judgement. I also expect selecting Kyrian will be good for anima-heavy attacks.

What are the Kyrian armor sets in WoW Shadowlands?

Each Covenant has specific cloaks and armor. The Kyrian plate armor, shown above, has a Paladin-ish look, and other armor sets will probably have a similar aesthetic. I’ve often wondered how — realistically — one would look to the side if one’s spaulders were as tall as these are. You wouldn’t be able to see anything coming from that direction.

While other Covenant cloaks are only in concept art stage, the Kyrian cloak was shown at BlizzCon. You’ll have the option of wings, the Covenant sigil, or a halo design. I wonder, if you select a certain model, will you have access to the other models to change your cloak at will? Of course I’m thinking transmog here. We also don’t know, at present, what the Kyrian-specific mount or battle pets will be.

With the Kyrian being the first Covenant we experience in Shadowlands, we’ll have a great deal of time to get to know them before we pick a Covenant at level 60. As a Hunter, the ability to ignore line-of-sight is pretty attractive. I’m excited to see what the other Covenants have.

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