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WoWJan 14, 2020 11:00 am CT

How to unlock Mechagnomes in patch 8.3

So you want to be a kickable robot? You’re in luck!

If you’ve been playing since patch 8.2, you’re probably all set to make a Mechagnome in 8.3. If not, you’ll want to get started right away since it can be a bit of a grind for the reputation part. Whether you want to check how far you are, or just get tips to get started, we have everything you need to know about unlocking Mechagnomes.

There are three things you need:

  • The Mechagonian Threat achievement from completing the storyline in Mechagon
  • Exalted with Rustbolt Resistance
  • Complete the quest chain to recruit the Mechagnomes

It’s unclear if you’ll need the requirements on an Alliance character. If it works like it did with the first sets of Allied Races, you’ll be able to satisfy the Mechagon meta achievement and reputation requirements with a Horde character (via account-wide achievements), but will need an Alliance character to go through the recruitment quest chain.

Completing Mechagon’s story

The first thing you need is the Mechagon meta achievement, The Mechagonian Threat. This is also indirectly a requirement for Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two (because it opens up Mechagon Island), so if you have flying already then you’re nearly all set.

It looks like there is a lot to the achievement, but it’s really quite simple. The first half is just the initial quests to discover Mechagon Island. The second half features the quests right after you get to Mechagon Island that introduce the Rustbolt Resistance and open up the zone’s daily quests. The final part for the achievement is the showdown inside Operation: Mechagon. You need to be Revered with the Rustbolt Resistance to get the quest and it requires completing the dungeon by killing King Mechagon.

Here are all the steps for the meta achievement, with the Alliance and Horde equivalents:

Getting rep with the Rustbolt Resistance

If you already have flying, you just need to keep doing what you’ve been doing to go the rest of the way from Revered to Exalted. If you’re just starting out with reputation, here is what you can do.

There are some “secrets” to earning more reputation. The first time you see Chromie in Rustbolt with The Other Place, kill the Clockwork Giants in the alternate timeline until you get Blueprint: Personal Time Displacer. This will allow you to make Personal Time Displacer to go back every day. There are two more daily quests there for 150 and 75 rep (Adapt, Improve, Overcome! and The Final Act). Sometimes The Rusty Prince will be there and killing him will give you a third daily — Be Kind, Rewind (requires crafting Armored Vaultbot Key, so have that before going there).

The Recyclerizer DX-82s around Junkwatt Depot offer a daily quest, More Recycling, for 150 reputation. However, you only get rep for turning it in the first time. After you complete the daily, it turns into a repeatable version, Even More Recycling, which does not reward rep. The mobs inside Junkwatt Depot drop the parts needed — 5 Machined Gear Assembly, 30 Hardened Spring, and 10 Tempered Plating — to turn into Bundle of Recyclable Parts for the quest. If you’re feeling lazy or pressed for time, you can also buy these on the Auction House.

There are also a couple world events to maximize your reputation gains. The Darkmoon Faire buff will apply to everything reputation-related. Since the majority of quests in Mechagon are daily quests and not world quests, the World Quest Bonus Event doesn’t increase the reputation acquired from them. However, it does work for the daily construction project which functions as a world quest. So when the event is up, you get 1275 rep each day instead of 850.

The Darkmoon Faire is up this week and at the beginning of every month. The World Quest event will be up at the beginning of November and over Christmas in December.

Welcoming Mechagnomes to the Alliance

Once you’ve completed the story and gotten Exalted with the Rustbolt Resistance, all you have left to do is wait for patch 8.3 to recruit Mechagnomes as an Allied Race through a special quest chain. This grants you the Allied Races: Mechagnome achievement and the Mechagnome racial mount, Mechagon Mechanostrider. After that you can make a brand new Mechagnome character. Leveling your new character to 110 gets you the fancy new Mechagnome Heritage Armor.

If you’re curious what your new Mechagnome could look like, check out our galleries of the best male Mechagnome and female Mechagnome customization options. There are so many options that we highlighted the ones that looked the coolest.

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