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Discussion > WoWApr 24, 2020 8:00 am CT

What’s the most annoying thing about hitting 120 right now?

I think around the time my second new character hit 120 was when I started to realize how much I hate having to grind up Azerite for my Heart of Azeroth. I think that necklace is the bane of my World of Warcraft experience. It’s always the most behind, especially with the XP bonus meaning you can hit 120 with entire zones not finished. I have my Lightforged at ilevel 360 or so now, with several 400 pieces, and the worst piece I have is that Heart of Azeroth at ilevel 300 and less than 13 ranks — which meansthat even my worst Azerite Armor pieces don’t grant me any powers. And it’s taking forever to level the blasted thing up, even hitting every Azerite quest in the world, I just hit 11 today on the thing. I just barely got enough survivability on my gear to endure going to Nazjatar, which allowed me to do the intro Essence quests, which thankfully boosted the thing to 50 or I’d still be tearing my hair out over it.

I mean, not having flight yet on my main — I need to get busy on getting that rep grind over with, I know, that’s my bad — means that none of my alts have it either, and that’s a bit of a slowdown. But honestly, it feels weird to make a jump from around ilevel 280 to 360 in less than two days and still be so far behind on that Heart of Azeroth. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to run some Island Expeditions, and that’s not something I enjoy doing, just because it’s the likely best Azerite grind I can find to get this done faster. Even with the jump to 50, I feel so behind.

So that’s my big downside to hitting 120. What about you? Do you find yourself unhappy with having reached max level in a way you didn’t expect? Are you annoyed that you need to find flight points again? Are you put out because you have the War Campaign to do all over again? What do you find really gets under your skin about being done leveling up an alt nowadays? Let us all know in the comments.

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