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Discussion > WoWDec 29, 2020 8:00 am CT

Which currently non-existent race/class combination would you love to play?

It’s not easy being green: You can’t be a Paladin. Orcs wielding the Light? The established lore of World of Warcraft shuns that concept. Several of the race/class combinations that are forbidden to players at the moment would, indeed, be hard sells unless Blizzard decided to change things up to accommodate them — something that, it should be said, they have already done, several times. Whether it was allowing every Allied Race to become a Death Knight in the Shadowlands pre-patch, or adding Gnome Hunters in Legion, or avowing the plethora of combos added in Cataclysm — including previously “unthinkable” ones like Night Elf Mages — lore rules are made to be broken.

Truth to be told, even the original WoW had to bend the rules to allow some of the race/class combos it shipped with. Going by Warcraft 3 lore rules, Druids were limited not only just to Night Elves, but to Night Elf males, whereas the women became warriors — their Sentinels — and Priestesses of the Moon. The original game changed all that, not only by removing those gender restrictions, but also by coming up with brand-new lore to justify the existence of Tauren Druids.

The point is that no race/class combination that is forbidden now will be forbidden forever. Blizzard can — and as some, myself included, would argue, should — add more of those combos to the game. Increased player customization and expression is usually a net positive, and those hard lore rules are written by Blizzard themselves — which means that they are free to change them if they feel the need to, as they have done countless times.

With all of that said: If Blizzard decided to add new race/class combinations to the game, which one would you like to see? Which one would you actually decide to play, whether by rolling a brand-new character, or by changing one of your existing ones? For me, the answer is easy: Night Elf Paladin. I would absolutely love to be able to play as a “Knight of Elune” — a concept that we have already been teased with multiple times. Many are the race/class combos that are forbidden to players, but already exist in NPC form — and some of them eventually do make the jump from NPC-only to playable, such as Pandaren Death Knights.

What about you? Would you enjoy playing a Blood Elf Druid like High Botanist Freywinn, or a Forsaken Paladin like Sir Zeliek, or even a Tauren Rogue like one of those Grimtotem Mercenaries? Let us know!

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