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BlizzCon > WoWFeb 20, 2021 1:44 pm CT

See you later: You can cleanse yourself of the Eye of the Jailer in the Maw in patch 9.1

The folks at Wowhead interviewed Jeremy FeaselWoW‘s Principal Game Designer, and Frank Kowalkowski, the game’s Technical Director, talking all about patch 9.1, which is coming out some time after patch 9.0.5 comes out in March. They talk about a whole host of issues, but one of the most interesting is what’s happening in the Maw, and how players will see it change. One tidbit is that the Eye of the Jailer, that omnipresent orb that watches us and snitches about all our heroism to the Jailer so he can try and take out a nuclear option on us, will be dealt with by us to prevent us having to deal with it in the future. We know that we’ll actually be fighting the Eye in the upcoming 10 boss raid Sanctum of Domination, and that there’s a bit of lore to that eyeball — lore potentially tied to the Titan Keeper Odyn, who tossed one of his eyes into the Shadowlands for the power to create Val’kyr, the instigating event in the creation of Helya.


But the Eye of the Jailer isn’t just popping up in the raid, we’ll be involved in a questline in patch 9.1 as part of the four Covenants invading the Maw to get the ultimate peeper off of our backs.

Originally Posted by Jeffrey Feasel (Official Post)

With the renewed presence of the Covenants down in the space, we’re going to be going off on some questlines that involve us empowering our hub. We’re going to be pushing back the influence of the Jailer [and] that will allow you to call your mount once again, and it will also reduce the influence of the Eye of the Jailer. There’s going to be a whole side questline associated with the Eye of the Jailer and what its lore and story is, and what it’s doing and we’ll learn to poke it out and cleanse the eye off of ourselves and that’s really going to open up the Maw as a general playable space in the endgame. It’s going feel like a much less oppressive space now that all of your Covenant allies are there as well.

It’s not clear what exactly we’ll be doing to the Eye. We’re not sure how we’re going to poke it out exactly and whether or not that’s going to involve the raid encounter — do only people who raid get to cleanse the Eye off of ourselves, or can anyone get the annoying thing to stop snitching our every heroic deed — it is interesting that we’ll be spending so much time in Karthia, the new zone joining the Maw in 9.1 that we’ll need to quiet the Eye. Pushing back the influence of the Jailer in his own zone, so to speak, seems like a pretty big deal, but with the Jailer nowhere to be found in the Sanctum of Domination I have to wonder what the ultimate result of all of this is going to end up being.

Regardless, after all the times I had to run out of the Maw with rank 5 of that Eye staring away at me, giving it a metaphorical Three Stooges eye jab will feel pretty good.

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