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Discussion > WoWFeb 22, 2021 8:00 am CT

What do you expect from WoW patch 9.1: Chains of Domination?

We’re getting a new raid in patch 9.1, and we saw enough at BlizzConline that we’re just bubbling over with questions. Is Anduin still inside there? What will happen with Sylvanas as a raid boss? Why is the Jailor dragging Korthia into the Maw, and what is he looking for?  What are we going to be doing to prepare to face down the Jailer’s forces, head into Korthia ourselves, and raid the Sanctum of Domination? What even is all this?

I find patch 9.1 to be a solid start at unraveling the central mystery of this entire expansion — who Zovaal the Jailer is, why he was confined the the Maw, what he’s searching for and how it relates to the origins of the Shadowlands themselves, and places like Oribos and the other realms. So far this expansion has been a lot of questions and precious few answers and I’m very much excited that we may actually get some of those answers, plus we may see some real developments and character revelations for Anduin and Sylvanas, which I’m excited to experience.

There are still a lot of loose plot threads I want to see dealt with, like the fate of Tyrande and the Kaldorei souls who ended up in the Maw, Uther’s spiritual wound, the First Ones and their creations, how the Pantheon of Death really serve to create and maintain the Shadowlands — we’re told that if the Archon had died, Bastion would have died with her, and that makes me wonder if Denathrius was telling the truth when he claimed he was himself Revendreth. Is it even possible forthe Shadowlands to exist without the members of the Pantheon of Death? Are the Maw and places like Korthia exempt from this, do they predate the various figures like the Winter Queen or the Primus? And does this mean that the Primus does in fact still live, and is the Runecarver, yes, he totally is, but anyway is the very fact that Maldraxxus still exists a clue?

There’s a lot of possibilities in patch 9.1. What are you expecting?

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