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Discussion > WoWMay 2, 2022 8:00 am CT

Which NPCs would you draft to go with you to the Dragon Isles?

The NFL Draft was this weekend and so I still have sports on my mind. Of course, I’m also thinking a lot about Dragonflight, and it got me thinking: What if the game let you choose which NPCs to bring along with you? Normally when we venture somewhere, an NPC like Khadgar or Thrall drafts us to accompany them, but what if this time we lined them all up and picked the ones we thought would be most helpful for the journey ahead? I’m going to presume all dragons would go along without invitation, so I’m sticking to non-dragons for this draft.

My first pick is Brann Bronzebeard. He has a ton of experience heading into new lands and tends to be one step ahead of any opposition when he gets there. Whether it be Nazmir or Storm Peaks or Uldum, Brann can always be counted upon to get us where we need to go and get us past any trap he himself sets off. With the likelihood that there will be Titan involvement somewhere along the way — not even mentioning the forthcoming visit to Uldaman — he’s the perfect expert to figure out what’s going on or how to undo something he did wrong.

My next pick is the Drogbar Navarrogg. This may seem like an odd choice, but his ability to transport us through stone will come in handy as we make our way up in the Dragon Isles, especially when we get to Thaldraszus. While everyone else is busy learning how to train their dragon, I’m going to leverage Navarogg’s skills in case of enemies in the air.

With my third and final pick I’ll select Meerah — and not just for her singing skills. She is shiny and optimistic, which is great attitude to have when venturing in a new locale. As an experienced animal handler she can assist with all sort of caravan work if Dollie and Dot (her best friends) are unable to join us, and we know she has the skills to handle new situations as her work during the Vulpera allied race quest chain demonstrated.

So those are my picks to travel alongside my hero in the Dragon Isles. How do you feel about these suggestions? If you were the Azeroth equivalent of Mel Kiper Jr. what grade would you give my picks? And who are you selecting in your own NPC drafts?

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