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An impressive list of quarterly releases for Dungeons and Dragons through 2023 features giants, Planescape, and Many Things

We recently got a look at the upcoming publication schedule for Dungeons and Dragons through the end of 2023, and though the amount of information is a little overwhelming, it’s also pretty exciting. We already knew about the upcoming Dragonlance adventure and battle game coming later this year, but there’s been quite a few products announced for 2023, as we prepare for the release of One D&D in 2024.

Some of the upcoming products are brand new, others are long anticipated releases, and all are pretty interesting. Let’s talk about what’s in store for next year.

Shaping the future of Dungeons and Dragons with the One D&D playtest

For starters, if you just can’t wait for 2024 and One D&D, then I have good news for you — the playtest materials have already started being available for testing. Simply go to D&D Beyond, which has a claim page waiting for you with a nice shiny, candy like button just wordlessly begging you to click it. After you succumb to the irresistible temptation to click said button, you can go directly to the current playtest material covering character creation. It will be updated with new information as it is released, of course, but it’s still pretty new in terms of being announced so I’d give it some time for stability’s sake.

But while the One D&D playtest and all the potential features are great it’s far from all we’re going to see, because 2023 has several new releases that were announced at Wizards Presents.

Golden Vaults, Glorious Giants, and Sigil, the City of Doors coming in 2023

The slate of upcoming D&D releases, in my opinion, extends the trend we’ve been seeing over the past few years.

  • Winter 2022: Keys from the Golden Vault. This is an adventure anthology similar to Candlekeep Mysteries or Journeys through the Radiant Citadel, this time focused around heists and the committing of same. Think The Palace Job or its sequels by Patrick Weekes. Regardless, this fantasy anthology is basically the Oceans series of films but with things like Golems and Kobolds and you getting to play one of the heisty characters. Since it’s an anthology, you can use it as the basis for a campaign oriented around such activities, or you could use it as a way to break up an established home game with the occasional criminal (or at least sneaky) caper.
  • Spring 2023: Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants. A spiritual successor to Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, this sourcebook focuses on the large, angry folk of Dungeons and Dragons. wherein Bigby — yes, that Bigby, the one with all the Hand spells — lays out the history and role of Giants in the 5e D&D multiverse. There’s an Unearthed Arcana that serves to playtest some of these ideas in case you’re curious to see where this is headed.
  • Summer 2023: The Phandelver Campaign. A new campaign based around the intro adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver. The Phandelver Campaign will expand that original adventure out into something along the lines of Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, although we still have very little by way of details on exactly what this will end up looking like. There’s a fair amount of established history for the town of Phandelver and its roots in a prosperous community sacked by Orcs some five centuries past, so if you like the Forgotten Realms or campaign style adventures in D&D this one might be a bright spot next year.
  • Summer 2023: The Book of Many Things. Offers new player and DM options based around the infamous Deck of Many Things. Seeing how I just gave my party a Deck of Many Things, this could be very useful for me.
  • Fall 2023: Planescape. The Planescape campaign setting released in 1994 explored the then-current planar cosmology of Dungeons and Dragons. Back in 2021, we speculated that we might get both Spelljammer and Planescape in 5e, and now, here we are with Spelljammer having just released and Planescape on the horizon. With books like Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse making use of the idea of the D&D cosmology, a book like Planescape could very well serve as a nice, one stop shop for planar adventure and dovetail nicely with Spelljammer, Radiant Citadel and even books like Fizban’s or the various Magic the Gathering settings brought into 5e like Strixhaven, Theros, or Ravnica

It’s going to be a Giant 2023 for gg

These are all just recently announced so there’s not much information for many of these titles yet — besides those titles, of course. We can speculate based on previous versions of D&D and what we’ve come to expect from the lore of these characters and places, but we also know that a lot of things can change when that material is brought into 5e over the next year. Still, I’m very excited — heck, Planescape and its Sigil, City of Doors setting would have me bouncing off the walls by itself.

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