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HearthstoneSep 1, 2022 10:09 am CT

How to win A Mysterious Recipe Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

Hi, it’s Gus Ferrari back again, and we’re rolling out, taking the Triple D Camaro into the Shadowlands to visit Revendreth for Hearthstone’s A Mysterious Recipe Tavern Brawl. Most tourists head over to Castle Nathria, but my new friend Shivs will be giving us a culinary tour with ten deck recipes to choose from. We’re starting with Chef Fech who is cooking up some real deal Revendreth creations. You gotta try the Smothered Shank. It’s made with the perfect blend of Transplanar Spices. But I’m told his signature dish is Spinefin Souffle and Fries. Don’t tell Bobby I said this, but this could definitely beat Bobby the Flayer.

This week’s Tavern Brawl is an introduction to the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion. In this Brawl, you’ll get to try out some of the expansion’s most interesting cards and deck recipes — and win a card pack in the process. Though oddly absent from Fractured in Alterac Valley, this type of Brawl has become a regular addition when we get a new expansion. We had An Outlandish Recipe for the Ashes of Outland expansion, Recipe of Tenacity for the Forged in the Barrens expansion, A Recipe United for the United in Stormwind expansion, and A Sunken Recipe for the Voyage to the Sunken City expansion

If you were on the fence about what cards are worth crafting or how much of your hard earned gold to plunk down on packs, this Brawl will let you give expansion a trial run.

Tavern Brawl basics

Name: A Mysterious Recipe Tavern Brawl
Description: Welcome to Revendreth! Choose a class and enjoy the latest deck recipes!
Fun level: 5/10
Difficulty: 9/10 to 4/10 depending on your class, deck, and opponent
Replayability: 5/10
Format: Standard*
Type: PVP
Deck: Provided
Rewards: 1 Standard card pack (this can include any card from any set in the current Standard rotation)

For this Brawl, you choose your class and you’re assigned their deck recipe. These are premade decks, and the same decks you’ll find on the deck creation screen, but there are two big differences for the Brawl. One, you get the deck with all the cards regardless of whether you own them or not. You’ll have every Legendary and Epic card you need for the deck. Two, the decks are Standard but the Brawl format is Wild. You can discover anything, not just the options you’ll see when you use these decks on the ladder.

Each class has a recipe meant to give players a good introduction to how the class will play in Murder at Castle Nathria. After giving players A Sunken Recipe just days after the expansion, A Mysterious Recipe released a few weeks after the expansion launched.

How to win A Mysterious Recipe Tavern Brawl

Let’s look at each deck and a quick tip for playing it. You can only choose the class: the deck will be assigned. Each class received a new recipe with the expansion. You’ll still see the Voyage to the Sunken City recipes on the collection screen when you make a new deck, but only the Murder at Castle Nathria-themed decks are available in this Brawl. To get started, pick the class you’re most comfortable with, and don’t be afraid to conceded if the game isn’t going your way.

The deck recipes and how to use them

Demon Hunter

  • The Relic Vault
    • Xy’Mox’s latest find seems to grow in power over time. Play your relics to empower future ones and finish off your opponent with Xy’mox himself.
    • This deck tries to showcase the new Relic cards, but Librams, they are not, at least not yet.


  • Horrors Beyond the Hedge
    • Make use of Hedge Maze to trigger bigger deathrattle effects. If all else fails, Convoke the Spirits can come in clutch.
    • Hedge Maze is one of the new Location cards added to Hearthstone. What’s strange is there really aren’t that many Deathrattle effects in the deck. The deck is also top heavy. It’s almost like you need to get Hedge Maze and Sessellie of the Fae Court in play. Others wise, pray to Yogg with Convoke the Spirits.


  • Wild Spirits
    • Overwhelm your opponent with a combination of Wild Seeds and damage spells to push for an early victory.
    • Hunter is back and face is the place. This is an aggressive deck that looks to end the game early. Like the Druid deck, it features a Location card, Castle Kennels.


  • Volatile Magic
    • Blow up anything your opponent throws your way with the help of Volatile Skeletons. Kel’Thuzad will provide an inevitable victory later in the game.
    • Use your spells to control the board until you draw either Volatile Skeleton and/or Nightcloak Sanctum. Kel’Thuzad is your big finishing move.


  • Sinstone Secrets
    • Keep your opponent guessing with your Secrets! Set up to play a ton of card in a single turn to make use of Necrolord Draka and the Sinstone Graveyard.
    • What if Miracle Rogue and Secret Rogue combined their power megazord style? You’d get Sinstone Secrets. Shadowstep, Preparation, Blackwater Cutlass, and Serrated Stone Spike all help you reduce the cost of cards in your hand to make the most of your Location card, Sinstone Graveyard, as well as Necrolord Draka.


  • A Legendary Invitation
    • The Countess is a bit picky with her party invites. With this deck full of Paladin cards, you just might invite you.
    • This deck has nothing but Paladin cards. This guarantees your Elitist Snob gets all the buffs, you get a cheap Lightray, and you will be able to activate the Countess. You’re at the mercy of the RNG for what Legendary cards she gives you.


  • Identity Thief
    • Copy your opponent’s cards and beat them at their own game. Harvest of Envy will even let you steal the original copies.
    • You would think Priests would have some sort of moral conundrum about stealing, but not on Azeroth! You’re somewhat at the mercy of what your opponent’s recipe is, and what your random cards generate.


  • Primordial Evolution
    • Your opponent won’t know what’s coming out the Muck Pool’s next. Summon a massive board of minions and transform them into big threats to win the game.
    • The Evolve Shaman game plan has been around for many expansions. This deck has a good blend of generators and evolve type cards. Primordial Wave is Evolve and Devolve rolled into one. Build up your board and use your evole effects to make yourself into Hearthstone’s version of Herbert Edgar Wyndham.


  • Infused with Power
    • Swarm the board with Imps to power up your cards. Imp King Rafaam will resurrect and empower your Imps to close out the game.
    • This deck shows off the power of the new Infuse keyword. It’s got plenty of Imp generators, and Rafaam is your big finisher, but you can also employ a “Zoo” mindset and finish the game long before Rafaam would come into play.


  • Embrace the Pain
    • No pain, no gain is the motto of this Warrior deck. Damage your own minions to empower and overwhelm your opponent.
    • At one time in Hearthstone’s history, we’d call this an Enrage deck. It uses a combination of Enrage type effects along with some hand buff cards. Rokora and Grommash are you big finishers.

My Hearthstone soapbox: Why can’t we play these decks all the time?

I feel like I do this every time we have a new Recipe style Brawl, but let me give it one more try. As a free to play player, this Brawl is great. It gives me a taste of what these decks play like. The problem is once the Brawl is over, I can’t play them anymore because I don’t have the cards.

Even spending 5,000g+ on packs — or breaking out the wallet and buying the bundles — doesn’t guarantee I’ll be open enough high cost cards to build the deck I want, or give me enough dust to craft the cards I need. I think Blizzard should perhaps look at the number of Epics and Legendary cards they award from packs. More players might take a greater interest in the Ladder if Hearthstone lowered the barrier to entry.

But for now, we can all enjoy the Brawl.

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