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Diablo 4 > DiscussionApr 14, 2023 8:00 am CT

Which class are you most excited about in Diablo 4, and why?

Diablo 4 characters around campfire

Many of us have had the chance to try out Diablo 4’s classes in the recent beta tests, and we probably all have our favorites. If you ask the Blizzard Watch staff, each of us can probably name their most-liked class and rave about why that class is the best one. Some will say their class is the best because it’s overpowered (*cough* Necromancer players), while others will say their class is the best because it’s not overpowered — so it’s more challenging and fun (I hear you, Druids). Or perhaps they don’t expect their power level on the beta to represent what they’ll feel like when the game is out, and simply like the fantasy or the gameplay aspects of it.

I did try all five classes in the beta, taking a Sorceress to level 25, a Rogue to 20, and the other three classes to at least level 12. My experience with a few of them was different from how I expected it to be: I didn’t imagine I was gonna enjoy the visceral, frantic, smash-happy gameplay of the Barbarian so much. It ended up as my second-favorite class overall. I did imagine that the Rogue would have been my second-favorite class, but alas, that was not the case — it was fun, but for me personally, it wasn’t quite as fun as a Demon Hunter in Diablo 3, or an Amazon in Diablo 2. Still, I know that leveling a class to 20 doesn’t exactly give you a full picture of what it’s capable of, and the Rogue did become considerably more fun later on, so I’m sure it would improve even more from there.

But the class that is near and dear to my heart is, without a doubt, the Sorceress. There’s nothing as satisfying to me as immolating my enemies with Firewalls while my Hydras blast away at them, my Frozen Orbs keep them at bay, and an assortment of Lightning magic travels from one foe to the other — all while I’m teleporting across the battlefield. It’s flashy, it’s spectacular, it makes you feel powerful like little else. I know for sure what I’m rolling day one and taking to max level first.

What about you? Did you get to try the D4 beta? Which class did you enjoy the most? Are you saving your favorite class for the live game, or were you unable to contain yourself and had to get a taste of it during the beta? And if you didn’t play, do you have a favorite either way, based on what you’ve seen or watched, or on your experiences with past Diablo games?

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