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Discussion > WoWJul 27, 2023 8:00 am CT

What new character customizations would you like to see added to World of Warcraft?

The World of Warcraft team has continued to add more options for players over the course of Dragonflight and patch 10.1.7 is bringing one of the most desired appearances to the game: Draenei will now be able to look like the Man’ari Eredar. Night Elves and Forsaken are also being given new appearance options to coincide with their new Heritage Armor quests. There’s even a red-skinned Night Elf model coming in patch 10.1.7 — although it’s currently unknown whether it’ll be available to players.

More is good, but there’s still a lot of room for even more customization options. At this point I’m unsure why any hair or eye color is race-restricted, with the possible exceptions of the Night Warrior eyes or Dark Ranger skin and eyes. Tattoo colors should also be more varied, and while new tattoos are being added all the time no one would complain if we got even more variety.

Skins have the potential for the most excitement (I really do hope player Night Elves get the red skin option), and there are a lot of cool possibilities in the game. Dwarf variety would expand significantly if Frost and Iron Dwarf appearances became available to the player. Tauren of course should get Taunka and Yaungol options — frankly I’m surprised neither has happened yet.

With body choices no longer being based specifically on gender, there’s room for flexibility there as well. I know sliders are a desired feature, but I strongly suspect that the game’s armor files would struggle with it so we’ll have to settle for hardcoded options. The “skinny” Kul Tiran could be added, and I wouldn’t mind a thinner option for the male-presenting Draenei.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my belief that it’d be awesome if Evokers could choose any playable race for their visage. While this may end up restricting Evokers to only Dracthyr I feel that’s a worthwhile tradeoff if it means my visage could be Highmountain or Dwarf.

What customization options do you want to see added? Are you excited for Eredar? Do you have your fingers crossed like I do for red Night Elves? And how would you rather have Evoker given to other races, via visage or race-class combinations?

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