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DiscussionSep 28, 2023 8:00 am CT

What’s your go-to game when you’re sick?

Welcome to the end of September, Watchers! Autumn is here in the Northern Hemisphere — things cool off, and flu picks up. Personally, allergies and migraines kicked my butt for two weeks, but it doesn’t have to be migraines — kids went back to school this month, which means perpetual chaos (and walking, smiling petri dishes) for the parents. Heck, your latest round of vaccines may hit like a freight train. What’s a gamer to do when restricted by bodily needs?

First, what do you have at hand for portable devices? This could be anything — smartphone, tablet, portable Nintendos from the original Gameboy to the Switch OLED, even the Etch-A-Sketch your four-year-old left on the carpet. You’re stuck picking it up anyway; have some fun with it. Bring that baby to your favorite chair, couch, or other comfortable lounging device. Maybe not to bed — sleep advice holds that bed is a device-free zone (ideally).

What you play on there depends on what you’ve got at hand. If I’m on my phone, my go-to games tend towards puzzle or logic games — Sudoku, Hungry Cat Nonogram (a version of Picross recommended by Anna Bell), or the New York Times Crossword. But you can also play anything in your Steam library from mobile — all you need to do is set up the Steam Link app!

However, I tend to reserve the tablet or Nintendo Switch for games with detailed graphics that are still in my “comfort” category — beloved and familiar enough to play without overthinking. Yes, I can play Hades from my phone courtesy of Steam Link, but 1) I can also run it on my tablet, and 2) I own it on the Switch! If I have a charger handy, I play a full Hades run before bed.

I tried Diablo Immortal but stopped after the first few months. I love the Diablo franchise; however, there are a few issues I cannot yet get past with Immortal. That’s an entirely different conversation. Who knows, maybe Warcraft Rumble will join my go-to game list after its release.

And if you’ve got the ol’ Etch-A-Sketch at hand? Start doodling. See if you can master a circle with those evil two-dimensionally restricted knobs.

So tell me in the comments, Watchers. What do you pick up when the sniffles have you down? What games do you play when you’re sick?

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