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Discussion > Warcraft > WoWNov 29, 2023 8:00 am CT

How do you choose what you do in World of Warcraft?

One of the things that’s evolved over time in World of Warcraft, and is going to evolve more in The War Within, is that you can make choices about what you get up to in the game. At present in Dragonflight, there are various open world activities to engage in, from world quests to timed events. There are 5 player dungeons, which can be played up until you start running Mythic+ dungeons. There’s PVP, which has Battlegrounds including Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas, and even Solo Random Rated Arena type mix and match encounters as well as weekly PVP brawls that change up Battlegrounds in some way.

I haven’t even mentioned all the flavors of raiding you can do from LFR to Mythic.

This is a lot of choice compared to vanilla World of Warcraft, and it does make me wonder how other players choose the activities they enjoy the most when they play the game. For me, it used to be all about group content — primarily raiding, which was and still is my preference in terms of what I’d like to be doing. But my personal schedule, the friends I currently have who play the game, and also the fact that I’m older and less physically capable than I was means that I’ve shifted focus over the years. I now mostly spend my time in small group or solo gameplay, and it’s one of the reasons I’m interested in Delves, coming in The War Within, as they will be a way to progress my character and gear without having access to a weekly raid or raids I can’t make due to scheduling issues.

And so now I ask you all — how do you make these decisions? If you are primarily a Mythic+ dungeon player, how often do you try other aspects of the game? Or a raider, or a PVP player? And do you PVP as a solo act, running random BG’s and the Solo Arena Queue, or are you primarily an Arena player? How do you decide what you’re going to do when you play WoW?

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