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WoW ClassicDec 27, 2023 10:30 am CT

WoW Classic addons to help you explore Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery, which is now live, has brought a new season of content that’s shaking up the Classic landscape with the addition of Runes that grant players different out-of-class abilities, enabling them to function in roles they normally wouldn’t be able to do. As its name suggests, players acquire these runes through Discoveries found by exploring the open world and by using a tweaked rune engraving system designed for Season of Discovery. Season of Discovery is also going to revamp different dungeons as raids by updating the bosses and loot pools to give players new challenges, as well as new gear and rewards.

Want to know more about WoW Classic Season of Discovery? Check out our guide to everything you need to know about Classic’s newest season.

To help you get started with Season of Discovery, we put together this list of addons. Each addon is tied to a new season feature whether they be Discoveries themselves, the new rune abilities, or the new endgame bosses and loot pools. Be aware that some of these add-ons may not work immediately since Season of Discovery didn’t have a conventional PTR, so the creators may need time to rollout an addon version that works with Season of Discovery. Once up and running, we anticipate these addons will be help enhance your Season of Discovery experience.

AtlasLoot Classic

AtlasLoot Classic gives players a look at the loot tables and earnable items from WoW Classic dungeon and raid bosses. Each of Season of Discovery’s level-banded phases is getting new endgame content, starting with a reprisal of Blackfathom Deeps into a 10-player raid, that includes new boss mechanics to figure out and new loot to earn. The WoW Classic team hinted at other dungeons and raids getting similar changes, so AtlasLoot Classic will be helpful in keeping track of other new rewards.

Download AtlasLoot Classic 

Deadly Boss Mods

Since some of the dungeon and raid bosses are getting updated mechanics, there’s going to be another learning curve on how to beat them. Deadly Boss Mods gives you everything you need to know about a boss from including attack and damage alerts, ability cooldowns, interrupt prompts, and more. It has a customizable interface that shows you as much, or as little, about each encounter that you want to know about.

Download Deadly Boss Mods


New abilities mean different cooldowns and timers to learn about in synergy with your classes other abilities. WeakAuras is an all-in-one monitoring tool that tracks the duration of buffs and debuffs, status of health and mana, and other timers for a variety of ability and items cooldowns. Like Deadly Boss Mods, it can be customized to fit your specific character. If you want an add-on that only focuses on healing and damage tracking, Details! Damage Meter is a useful alternative at your disposal.

Download WeakAuras

GatherMate2 Classic

One of the new additions in Season of Discovery are Waylaid Supplies. They’re mini-quests that can be found throughout Azeroth from random mobs or chest that you turn into your respective faction’s supply group (another new addition). You can choose to turn them in as is for a small amount of gold, experience, and reputation with your supply group or you can turn the Waylaid Supply into a Shipment by combining it with a certain number of profession-related gather or craft items listed in the description for more gold, experience, and reputation. GatherMate2 is an excellent add-on to help you gather these items to help you complete these shipments, or sell them on the Auction House for others to complete theirs.

Download GatherMate2 Classic 


We included Questie in our recommended add-ons for WoW Classic Hardcore and it deserves a place here as well. WoW Classic doesn’t feature a navigation system, instead providing players instructions through text about where to go. Since Discoveries are hidden across the world, with some potentially involving multiple steps, Questie could help narrow the gap and provide players with more streamlined directions.

Download Questie

Part of the allure of Season if Discovery is the inherent mystery and excitement of finding hidden things throughout Azeroth, and this list was created in mind to preserve that feeling while enhancing the experience for those who want to use add-ons.

Originally published on November 28, 2023. Updated on December 27, 2023.

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